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Pride and Prejudice is a classic coming of age book written by Jane Austen. In the book, dance is a metaphor for marriage, while the estates are metaphors for the characters and their relationships. There really are not any similes in the book.

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Who are the characters of Jane Austen

Why did Darcy try to discourage Charles Bingley from seeing Jane Bennet

How did Elizabeth learn about Darcy's role in convincing Charles Bingley to not become romantically involved with Jane Bennet

Why did Mr Darcy's demeanor toward other people change from one of indifference to one of courtesy and hospitality

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Q: What are some similes and metaphors in pride prejudice?
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What are some similes and metaphors in Pride and Prejudice?

Pride being compared to a liquid; eg: "He was filled with pride."

What are some similes and metaphors from Pride and Prejudice with page numbers?

Some of the similes and metaphor from Pride and Prejudice are when Elizabeth sees Pemberley, A sense of ascent, multiplicity and expansion of there landscape, which also symbolize Elizabeth's changing view of Darcy. Also his character and the expansion of her relationship with him.

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