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You can find links to other social networking websites in related links.

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Q: What are some sites that are like Facebook?
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What are some sites like facebook?


What are some sites like MySpace?

Facebook and twitter are like myspace but my personal fave is facebook!hope this helped!:-)

Is there other sites like Facebook?

I like Google+ and twitter after Facebook.

Are there any sites like Facebook?

yes there is site's like Facebook , such as twitter and linkedin.

What are some teen sites?

some sites are myspace facebook woozworld and aim

Is there a website like facebook that you can also chat with people from facebookand view Facebook profiles?

there is nothing exactly like facebook but there are some other sites that are similair to that like myspace aim sykpe yahoo and google and bebo those are some good sites i personally favor aim for youngers because i feel that it is one of the safest out of all of them

Does anushka sharma have Facebook or any sites like that?

no she do not.

What other good sites are there like twitter?


What are some MySpace adding sites?

MiGente, Facebook, Hi5 MiGente, Facebook, Hi5

Are there any websites like Facebook?

Websites Like FacebookThere are many social networking sites that are similar to Facebook. MySpace is it's most popular rival, but it is more music related. Other sites that are similar to Facebook include Plaxo, Hi5 and others.

What are some other social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook that aren't blocked at school?

Twitter and MyLife.

Does Ciera Sites have a Facebook?

yes ciera sites does have Facebook.

What do they call websites like Facebook?

social networking sites

List of free dating sites like MySpace?


When did social networking sites get popular?

Around about 2003/2004 when sites like Facebook came out

How can you receive Facebook credits for free on Facebook?

Its really hard to get free credits on Facebook. However you can join sites like Swagbucks.

What are some other social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook?

myyearbook. bebo. tagged. friendster. xanga. hoverspot.

What are other online websites like msn Facebook that are free etc?

you could try friendster, bebo n piczo but theres loads more. Just search in google or something for sites like facebook and it should some up with some. hope you find somewhere good!!! when you say sites like msn if your refering to instant messaging sites ebuddy and meebo are good and also free

What website can you use your webcam on?

You can use your webcam on sites like MSN. You could also use them on sites like bebo or facebook

What are some websites for bloggers to use?

There are many websites for bloggers. Some includes sites like Facebook and Twitter, others include more direct blog sites where one can create a page and begin.

Are there sites like Facebook?

yes there are bebo for one then club penguin.

What social network sites do you visit?

Here are some: I like to visit Facebook and Footbo

Name some social networking sites?

There are many - Twitter, Facebook, Hotmail are some of them!

What are some social network sites for adults?

Facebook, Myspace,

What r some social networking sites?

Facebook,Twitter,and so on.