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What are some small handheld devices that play music without headphones?


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The Ipod Shuffle it is $68.99 and can play songs, and it is 3inches tall and 3/4 of an inch wide


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A cassette Walkman is a handheld music player which you put a cassette in and headphones in the listen to music.

yes it has a speaker so you can listen to music without the headphones

yes definitely ,output devices are those who outputs information from computer. and through headphones we can listen music or can do voice chat .

Press pause, then put the headphones in, and listen to the music.

The iPhone can play music without headphones and so can the second generation iPod touch, but the iPod nano needs headphones. Some decent ones should have come in the box unless you bought it second hand.thats not true i have an ipod nano, and it plays without headphones!!The ipod nano 5th genereation (latest model) without headphones although the sound quality isn't as good as with headphones. (Note previous generations of ipod nanos do not have an inbuilt speaker, therefore cannot play music without headphones unless you buy a dock/speakers)

Sony Music manufacture a number of products. They make portable music MP3 players, headphones for use with music devices and they still manufacture music CDs.

Bluetooth stereo headphones are cordless stereo or surround sound headphones designed to work with Bluetooth-enabled devices and equipment. Bluetooth headphones a good choice for connecting to cell phones, digital music players and other devices that might ride along in tow. Bluetooth stereo headphones can be bought through amazon, PayPal or electronic store in your province.

The best headphones in my opinion when you want to listen to music with a deep baseline is to buy a pair of headphones that completely cover your ear and that way you will be able to hear the music without interution of other noise coming into your ears.

Music travels to headphones through the wires in their cord.

Yes. You have to buy a docking station.

I have an iPod Nano (5th generation) and it can play without headphones, as long as you don't plug the headphones in after you charge it.

No, the music will play from the speakers if you do not use headphones.

Actually you can. Only if you insert an AUX wire into where the headphones go, and connect it to a car AUX connection. But you cannot play music without connecting anything into the headphone slot, only Ipod touche can do that.

Output devices are anything that send signals to other devices. A portable MP3 player, for instance, outputs music to your headphones. Your headphones plug into the "input" jack of the MP3 player because they receive a "signal" from the MP3 player in the form of music. Other examples of output devices would be video cards, keyboards, mice, gaming controlers, or dvd/blu-ray players. These all send signals to be used by other devices but do not receieve signals back from those devices.

You just hit play and it plays. It doesn't require speakers or headphones to play. However, if you want to hear it you need to use speakers or headphones.

No, you cannot download music to any pair of headphones.

To your audio need, headphones will be able to offer several solutions. They let you to listen to your favorite audio privately. They help you to watch you TV without disturbing others in the night. You can listen to music, minus the noise from outside with headphones. Therefore, there are many reasons to own headphones. When it comes to choosing the right headphones, you have to think about the purpose of the headphones. So, below are few things that you have to look into in order to buy the right headphones. Jack Compatibility: Ensure that the headphone that you choose will work with the device you plan to use. So, go for the headphones with greater compatibility with the device which you wish to use. If you purchase headphones which are not compatible, you have to go for an adapter that will cost you extra. Comfort: As you might listen with the headphones for longer periods, it is important that you find a pair that is comfortable for you. You may want to have headphones that directly go into ears, ones that go over your head or the ones that go back of your neck, so that you can maintain your hairstyle. Open or sealed design: If you want to not disturb others while listening to music, then you can go for sealed headphones. This will help you in sealing the sound from traveling out. Wire length You will be distracted if you have to stay closer to the systems on which you listen to the music. Therefore, to prevent this, you have to look out for the headphones with a long wire, so that you do not have to stay near the devices. You can also look into wireless headphones. Outside Noise: If you intend to use headphones in the noisy areas, go for noise-canceling headphones. This allows you to listen to music in peace, without interference from outside noise.

Yes, all iPods can play music using headphones.

I like Monster headphones. Sound is rich and full.

The headphones are only for music, not to read the book to you.

3rd and 4th generation iPods can play without a headphone. You can also play your iPod without a headphone by using a docking station.

Yes. It is a bad idea to sleep with headphones on, if you have music on that is. if you have music on and you wearing headphones, and you fall asleep it could possibly mess your hearing up. if you have headphones on for no reason, then maybe maybe not, but I don't recommend anyone sleeps with headphones on. I hoped this answers your question. ^_^

Yes you can get headphones for the iPad. You can listen to music through the headphones or out loud.

The iPod was made for just listening to music on the go. The iPod was made so you can listen to music in an easy, portable fashion using headphones. It was intended to be smaller, faster, and lighter than other portable music devices of the day.

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