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  • Countries have to provide alternatives for poor farmers who are cutting into the rainforest to make room for food crops.
  • Countries have to pass laws outlawing logging. Oh, hang on, most of them have!
  • Countries have to strictly enforce their anti-logging laws. Money and cronyism should not provide immunity.
  • Education programs must reduce the demand for furniture made from rainforest timbers.
  • Recycle old furniture and wood.
  • Illegal logging is an eminent threat to nature, and causes floods and soil erosion.
  • Illegal logging should be controlled by the government authorities by concentrating on forest regions and taking appropriate actions against timber mafia.
  • You have to identify the company that is doing the illegal logging. Then you have to contact the authorities that have the jurisdiction to enforce the laws. Sometimes those are state authorities and sometimes those are federal authorities.
  • Building fences around forests are sometimes a solution for illegal logging.
  • Educating the public on what to look for is also a way you can cut down on illegal logging.
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Q: What are some solutions to illegal logging?
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Solutions of scarcity?

Solution? example. conserve water. stop illegal logging. etc

Reaction about illegal logging?

reaction about illegal logging?

What are the effects of illegal logging to animals?

Some of the animals are going to die because of the illegal logging. The animals are not going to know what to do.

What are the plan for illegal logging in Philippine?

There are no plans because illegal logging is illegal

What are your opinions about illegal logging?

my opinions about illegal logging are :illegal logging is dangerous because if we can't stop illegal logging it will bring many calamities like landslides and can also damage our mountains.if we can't stop illegal logging we can't feel the fresh air that can only be produced by the trees.

The definition of illegal logging?

Illegal Logging is when a company or person cuts down trees for logs with out permission or in a protected environment. or when a logging company uses illegal means to cut. For example clear cutting may be illegal in some areas and a logger would clear cut.

What is the effect of illegal logging to humans?

The effect of illegal logging to humans is landslide and flood

Is logging in the rain forest illegal?

Different countries have different laws regarding timber cutting. Some areas are protected, where logging would be illegal, but many areas are not.

What are the punishment of illegal logging?

punishment of illegl logging punishment of illegl logging

What are the factors of illegal logging?

There are quite a few different factors that could go into illegal logging. People may need the wood that they are illegally logging for example.

Is logging illegal everywhere?


Conclusion of illegal logging?

Proactive steps other than the reactive steps should be taken to prevent illegal logging. Illegal logging deprives the nature its beauty and puts our future generation at risk.

Is key-logging illegal?

No. Key logging is not illegal. It is illegal to tamper with someone else's computer, and illegal to use passwords and such that you may learn from key logging. But you can log keystrokes and other activity on your own computer all you want.

What are environmental causes?

illegal logging

Causes and effects of illegal logging?

There are many negative affects of illegal logging. Illegal logging can cause the destroying of ecosystems. The reason why people illegally log is because they don' t want to pay for the land and fix it afterwards.

What are the advantages of illegal logging?

Can we build a House using the practicing Illegal....

What are the effect of illegal or disadvantage of illegal logging?

Ang bobo mo

How does illegal logging causes land slide?

Illegal logging can cause landslides of mud if there is a ban on clear cutting and the logger clearcuts a hillside.

What are the causes and effects of Illegal logging?

The causes of illegal logging are manifold. Weaknesses in forest governance in producer countries are typically the direct cause.

What are some conflicts?

The conflict are poverty,water shortages in our community, illegal logging, or deforestation,etc

What are the solutions in forest denudation?

We need to stop constructing and making buildings on the forest, prevent people by illegal logging and making forest fires cause by us humans.

What are the disadvantage of illegal logging?

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How many illegal logging causes?

a billion

Why people do illegal logging?

People do illegal logging for various reasons. These include construction, financial gains and creating space for other human activities.

Is Logging trees illegal?

No. I'm afraid it is not illegal but many people are protesting.