What are some songs with a good beat?


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Some songs with a good beat are songs that people put there heart into... just make musical sounds until you get a good beat. For example tic tok by Kiesha has a good beat, and she got that beat by finding if the song was going to be fast or slow, and humming different beats until she found one she liked...


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well some good running songs are like crazy frogbecause they have a good hyper beat that is easyto runtoo GOOD FOR YOU FOR RUNNING

Songs that have an energizing beat to them are best for a runway show. Some examples of good songs would include Lady Gaga's songs, as they have an upbeat tempo.

Way Beyond Myself by Newsboys, most of the songs by skillet and barlowgirl, and songs by fireflight.

any songs with a beat in it , also when the song says a word that you really love so you make a dance to it. any songs you love you can dance to

what are some good rap songs

The best songs to dance to are the songs that have a good beat to them, have a meaning and if the song sounds good to you. An example would if your at a school dance and your the D.J., I would recommend Rihanna or Justin Bieber because you can get up and dance to them, they have a good beat and everyone enjoys them. This is what great music is all about.

one thing and you don't know your beautiful. because the beat is good and fun to dance to.

i think you have to go a long way in classical music to beat Moonlight Sonata and Ode To Joy.

up beat songs or pop like poker face by lady gaga

Fireflies, By Owl City. It is on their album Ocean Eyes that came out recently and has a great beat and lyrics. A great song, also the rest of the album's songs.

most country songs are appropriate and some kanye west and some rihanna songs

Any Donna Summer disco songs. Good , energetic beat. Hot Stuff , [She Works] Hard for the Money , most of the songs off her Donna Summer/Endless Summer album/CD. Any dance music with a good beat will do, and sorry to tell you, but Disco lives. It was only 2-3 years ago they did that Abba movie/musical.

Fist pump - Hardnox Sexin on the dance floor - Cash Cask Sweat -the beat geeks Beat that Beat - DJ pauly D Pump it up -DJ pauly D

It depends on your specific music liking, but there are many power songs by artists like Let's Get It (Ciroc and Roll) or songs with a strong beat like Viva la Vida (Coldplay).

Some of the early Beatles tunes are excellent for new guitarists to work on. Everyone knows them and they're good songs. Some other songs are little kids songs, classic folk songs, and maybe patriotic songs.

some good songs are taylor swift our song and country music

Choose recent songs (without bad language!) with a good beat so its catchy and fun for them

This all depends on what styles you consider "Good". But there are many songs out there that are good and have no swearing.

they take some of his old underground or the best lines of his songs and put them to a new beat they take some of his old underground or the best lines of his songs and put them to a new beat

i say you listen to other songs and make it sound kinda like the other songs but with different things in it and a different beat

Good morning Baltimore, and you can't stop the beat

Some good Cantonese songs are performed by Eason Chan (Always With Me, My Happy Time and God Bless Lover). This songs can be listened on websites such as YouTube.

alesana do some good love songs

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