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alesana do some good love songs

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Q: Most Romantic Punk Songs
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Is Emily Osment A punk or a rock star?

The most of her songs are classed as pop.

Where can one find Daft Punk lyrics?

AZlyrics is a site that lists the most common lyrics for songs. They cover many types of music including gospel, punk, rock and roll and even some rap songs.

What is Billy Bragg famous for?

Billy Bragg is famous for his work as a musician and as a left-wing activist. He writes songs about protests, political things and romantic idea. He also does punk-rock, and folk music.

When was Punk Rock Song created?

Punk Rock Song was created in 1995-10.

What are some of linkin parks punk rock songs?

Linkin Park has mixed a lot of different genres together, there are bits of punk and rock here and there. I think the songs you could descbire the most punk rock are 'Given Up' and 'No More Sorrow' from Minutes to Midnight.

How do you unlock songs on punk o matic 2?

you dont unlock songs, you make them

This ska punk reggae band achieved mainstream success in 1996 with their hit What you Got?

You might be thinking of Sublime's "What I Got" but they aren't really a ska punk band, although they did a few ska songs and a few punk songs.

Who are Aiden screamo?

aiden is death screamo. i really like aiden and i think that some of the songs that you might like by them is die romantic, or knifeblood nightmare. Aiden is a punk band. They have always been a punk band. The album conviction was just alternative rock. They have never even said there emo or death screamo. I mean just really listen to a wide range of there music like listen to Knives. They have said there a punk band. There lyrics from some songs are horror related and some are personal. They are not emo, screamo are anything like that. There genre is punk. Yes even wiL has said when started out he was just a punk kid who loves the music.

What is cyberpunk?

cyber punk is a type of rave that has been made on the computer with classic punk songs as the back track

Is Gwen Stefani a punk singer?

I think she isn't considered a punk singer. She is more of a pop singer though she does sing more punk songs in her band NO DOUBT.

Which artist recorded Pop Goes Punk?

Pop Goes Punk is a series of albums which have a collection of songs from many artists. All of the songs are in the punk rock and pop genres. Some of the artists are Mandy Moore, Madonna, The Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears.

Where can Sublime lyrics be found for most of their songs?

Sublime was an American punk band from California which was formed in 1988. The lyrics for their songs can be found on Azlyrics or Lyricsfreak. There are also some videos available on YouTube.