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some are pink, others are blind, and still others have long thin snouts.

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Q: What are some special features for a river dolphin?
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What are some dolphin features?

to be dolphin models

How much does a River Dolphin weigh?

There are seven species of River Dolphin. With some more information, We might be able to help with your answer.

What are some special features of a jellyfish?

some special features are that they glow

What is a boto dolphin?

The Boto dolphin, or Amazon River Dolphin, is also called the Boutu or Pink River Dolphin. It is a freshwater dolphin living in the Amazon and Orinoco River basins in South America. It is endangered, and eats mainly fish, but will also eat shrimp, turtles and some amphibians.

Are dolphins extinc?

In December 2006 The Baiji Dolphin (also known as the Yangtze River Dolphin) was considered functionally extinct. In August 2007 they were spotted in China. Dolphin species that is in danger of becoming extinct is the Indus River Dolphin (Pakistan). Less that 600 dolphins are left. The Ganges River Dolphin and the Amazon River Dolphin are considered threatened.

Name some special features of Red fort?

That it has no special features.

What are the names of the different tipes of dolphins?

Bottlenose dolphin, Common dolphin, Atlantic Spotted dolphin, Pink River dolphin and there are some more I can't remember.

What are some dolphin breeds?

Normal ocean going dolphins: Atlantic Humpbacked Dolphin Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin Bottlenose Dolphin Chilean Dolphin Clymene Dolphin Commerson's Dolphin Dusky Dolphin Fraser's Dolphin Heaviside's Dolphin Hector's Dolphin Hourglass Dolphin Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin Irrawaddy Dolphin Long-Beaked Common Dolphin Northern Rightwhale Dolphin Pacific White-Sided Dolphin Pantropical Spotted Dolphin Peale's Dolphin Risso's Dolphin Rough-Toothed Dolphin Short-Beaked Common Dolphin Southern Rightwhale Dolphin Spinner Dolphin Striped Dolphin Tucuxi White-Beaked Dolphin River or fresh water dolphins: Baiji- Chinese river dolphin Boto- Amazon river dolphin Franciscana- La plata river dolphin Ganges River Dolphin Indus River Dolphin Dolphins that are also called whales: Orca- Killer whale False Killer Whale Pygmy Killer Whale Melon-Headed Whale Long-Finned Pilot Whale Short-Finned Pilot Whale

What are the adaptive features of dolphin?

The dolphin has some important adaptations. A dolphin has live births so it doesn't have to stay with eggs, it has lungs but can also swim for a while underwater.

What are some penguin special features?

some of the special features of the penguin is it slides on its stomach, its flippers, and its webbed feet

What are some endangered animals that begin with the letter Y?

Yellow River Frog Yangtze River Dolphin

What are some physical features of Mount Everest?

Some physical features of Mount Everest are the Bramaputra River and Ganges River