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All Buddhist are bold and wear rages and live in monestaries, and (NONE WORSHIP THE BUDAI, but people think we do)

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What is a sentence for stereotypes?

Not all stereotypes are true.Some stereotypes are rather hilarious.They live up to all the stereotypes.

What are dietary restrictions for Buddhists?

Some of the dietary restrictions for Buddhists include meat and fish. Some Buddhists also do not eat leeks, onions, and garlic.

What are some softball stereotypes?

No there are no stereotypes. It's just all about the game and going hard at it.

Is that true the Buddhists are forcing Muslims to convert to Buddhism?

Yes, in some areas by some Buddhists

What are some of Asian stereotypes?

There are several of Asian stereotypes. Some of the most known are: Asians are smart Asians are skinny Asians do not speak English (do not take these seriously, they are just stereotypes and should not be considered true, as there are some Asians that fall in these categories, and some that fall out of these categories; this is true for all kinds of stereotypes)

Do Buddhists wear poppies?

In the UK some Buddhists do wear poppies.

What are some stereotypes about Iraq?


Why are Buddhist bald?

They aren't. Most of the Buddhists you pass everyday in the street look like everyone else - hair, glasses, T-shirts, comb overs - only in cheap movies relying on stereotypes and in pictures of lamasaries do you see primarily bald Buddhists.

Is there stereotypes about Hinduism?

no, there are no stereotypes about Hinduism. You might find some India western countries but they are very rare.

Why do Buddhists think mt fuji leads to another world?

Certainly all Buddhists do not believe this. There may be some Japanese Buddhists who think this.

What do vegetarian Buddhists eat?

Most vegetarian Buddhists eat rice. Basically what other vegetarians eat. Some Buddhists do not eat onions or garlic.

Are there any gay buddhists?

Yes, it is extremely likely that some Buddhists are homosexual, in proportion to the rest of the population.

What are some stereotypes of Samoans?

they are all big and fat

What are some stereotypes that ponyboy used in the outsiders?

he Llo

What are some stereotypes of police officers?

They Love Donuts

What are some examples of stereotypes in movies?

Racial Stereotypes: Danny glover - LW 3 the Japanese kid from goonies Austin powers

What are some examples of non-rasict stereotypes?

Stereotypes about religions, age, gender or sex, disability. None of those are racial.

Are Buddhists vegetarians?

Some are and some are not. There is no rule saying you have to be vegetarian.

Are Buddhists polytheists?

Buddhism is a very broad religious tradition and the answer to this question will vary depending on the type of Buddhist you are referring to. Some Buddhists do not believe in any god. Other Buddhists believe in many gods. Some Buddhists believe that there are many gods but they have no real impact on human life. Others believe that a god or gods can directly intervene in human affairs. Basically, yes some Buddhists are polytheist but many are not.

What are some stereotypes of Americans?

The most common stereotypes about the American people are ignorance, selfishness, and obesity. Along with stereotypes of the French being rude and the Polish being unintelligent, this is often untrue. Puritan. Or atheistic.

Why are the Jews stereotyped?

Most peoples (and religions) are steotyped and many of the stereotypes are not flattering. In the case of the Jews it's well known that many of the stereotypes are offensive and inflammatory. The same goes for traditional stereotypes of Blacks, for example. Often stereotypes seem to have originated with people who did not have much knowledge or understanding of the people they were stereotyping, and some stereotypes are caricatures and political propaganda.

Do Buddhists use readings from their sacred texts during worship?

Typically no, but there are some meditations in the Triptaka and other Sutras that are repeated by some Buddhists while they meditate.

Are there different stereotypes?

Yes, there are different stereotypes (as in more than one) between one group of people, and different stereotypes (as in not the same as other groups) for all groups of people. There are also differences in stereotypes on the level of negativity. Some are considered positive while others only negative.

What are Jewish stereotypes?

There are positive and negative stereotypes. 1) Some positive stereotypes: the Jews are intelligent, inquisitive, successful, optimistic, fecund, what else did I forget... 2) Negative stereotypes: We're opinionated. Others: sorry, but these need not be repeated here or anywhere and are often mere racist hatred.

What are some Common stereotypes about native Americans?

There arent that many