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What are some subtle physical contacts a woman should make with a shy guy who likes her to let him know she may be interested in him?



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Well you dont want to come on too strong. Physical contact may be pushing it to start off with. Send him a note that says something like. "Just wanted to take the time to say hello to you and ask if you would like to go to lunch or something?" or "I've noticed that you like________would you like to go see them with me." Start slow and let him set the pace. You will bring him out of that shell soon enough. They say watch out for the shy ones, they turn into lions, in a good way.

Wow talk about non commitment! You maybe interested in him? You are or your not. COME-ON- make a commitment. COME-ON-Say it; You got the hots for him!

What about when you are talking to him gently touching his arm for a few moments. A slight tap on the shoulder and a "nice to see you". Bring him a cup of coffee and wear something flirty and modestly revealing.