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AnswerWell you dont want to come on too strong. Physical contact may be pushing it to start off with. Send him a note that says something like. "Just wanted to take the time to say hello to you and ask if you would like to go to lunch or something?" or "I've noticed that you like________would you like to go see them with me." Start slow and let him set the pace. You will bring him out of that shell soon enough. They say watch out for the shy ones, they turn into lions, in a good way.

Wow talk about non commitment! You maybe interested in him? You are or your not. COME-ON- make a commitment. COME-ON-Say it; You got the hots for him!

What about when you are talking to him gently touching his arm for a few moments. A slight tap on the shoulder and a "nice to see you". Bring him a cup of coffee and wear something flirty and modestly revealing.

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How do you do a subtle effect on PowerPoint?

they should already have an answer for this

How do you write the word subtle in a sentence?

Subtle means not easily noticed. Here are some sentences.The subtle scent of flowers wafted on the breeze.He made a subtle hint about her poor hygiene.You should be more subtle instead of telling the truth so bluntly.

What is the comparative and superlative form of the word subtle?

Subtle can go both ways: either subtle/subtler/subtlest, or subtle/more subtle/most subtle. Both are correct.

What is a subtle fracture?


What is a sentence with subtle?

Some spices have a subtle aroma. The wink she gave was no subtle clue.

What is the sopposite of the word subtle?

The opposite of subtle is obvious.

What is silent letter in subtle?

The "b" is subtle is silent.

How can you let a guy know you like him in a subtle way?

try giving little hints that you are interested in him like maybe hang out with him more or even write a poem or a letter to him.

How do you tell a guy you're interested in him and you want to get to know them better and start talking?

just say it. you need to be straight-forward with guys. they don't get subtle hints. AT ALL!

What is a good sentence for the word subtle?

The dawn revealed subtle nuances in the coloration of the rocks. That hint was not very subtle.

Is the Soul and Astral body different?

Technically yes. The Astral body is a an intermediate between the soul and the physical body that is composed of subtle material.

What is the most important intended result of implementing a responsible beverage service program?

review subtle changes in guests physical and mental state

What are words with a silent b followed by t?

subtle subtle

When was The Subtle Knife created?

The Subtle Knife was created in 1997.

Is their a word subtle?

Yes, subtle is a word meaning elusive.

What is the word subtle mean?

gentle , bareley there. a subtle hint is a very small hint. A subtle flavour is a faint flavour

Can you give me a sentence using the word subtle?

make it very Subtle and precise . The change was very Subtle.

What is a sentence with the word subtle?

She chose fabrics in subtle shades of grey.

How do you spell subtle?

The word is correct spelled, subtle (slight, or nuanced).

What is the silent letters of subtle?

The letters b and e are silent in subtle.

How can you get your bf to hold your hand while watching a movie and keep it subtle enough that he kisses you after or during?

He is probably thinking the same way you are but does not know either if he should or your reaction if he tried. Don't wait for him just reach over and hold his hand and snuggle into him this will show him you are interested and then possibly kiss you.

What strong flavored vegetables should you avoid while also cooking with subtle flavors?

onions and leeks

How do you make it clear to a guy that you are interested without sounding weird or stalker-ish?

Try flirting with him. But be subtle and coy. When he looks into your eyes, look away and smile. That move's a classic.

Use subtle in a sentence?

I gave my friend a subtle hint from across the room.

A sentence with subtle in it?

The girl was subtle which allowed her to fit through the hole in the wall.

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