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Answer Gee you look good today, or wow, I like your jeans, anything that is a compliment will make him realize that you like him more than you are letting on. If you wanted to go one step furhter, you might ask him what of your clothes does he like best and when he answers you, then wear those clothes or something close to them. That will show him you care for him, if you wear the kind of clothes that he likes to see you in. Good luck

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How do you flirt properly?

By doing it in a subtle way. An example would be telling a person they are very attractive without staring at him/her.

How do you know if someone finds you attractive?

1. if they tell you they like you or find you attractive. 2. if they are more subtle possibility of flirting like complimenting you on looks such as your eyes or hair, even your clothing.

What do male and female grasshoppers look like?

The male's abdomen is rounded and dips into a subtle curve, the abdomen of the female is straight with no curve.

How do you tell the girl that flirts no?

Always tell her stuff about your girlfriend it is a subtle way for her to get the message. Simply telling her "no" is very effective.

What is the comparative and superlative form of the word subtle?

Subtle can go both ways: either subtle/subtler/subtlest, or subtle/more subtle/most subtle. Both are correct.

What is a subtle fracture?


What is a sentence with subtle?

Some spices have a subtle aroma. The wink she gave was no subtle clue.

Which were handed into the court or where handed into the court?

The difference is subtle, the following two sentences show how the phrases could be used. The documents, which were handed into the court, were stamped by the court clerk. The documents were handed to the court clerk.

What is the sopposite of the word subtle?

The opposite of subtle is obvious.

What is silent letter in subtle?

The "b" is subtle is silent.

What is a good sentence for the word subtle?

The dawn revealed subtle nuances in the coloration of the rocks. That hint was not very subtle.

What are words with a silent b followed by t?

subtle subtle

When was The Subtle Knife created?

The Subtle Knife was created in 1997.

Is their a word subtle?

Yes, subtle is a word meaning elusive.

What is the word subtle mean?

gentle , bareley there. a subtle hint is a very small hint. A subtle flavour is a faint flavour

More about males and female hermit crabs?

Aside from the existence of gonopores we don't know very much about the more subtle difference between the sexes.

Can you give me a sentence using the word subtle?

make it very Subtle and precise . The change was very Subtle.

How do you write the word subtle in a sentence?

Subtle means not easily noticed. Here are some sentences.The subtle scent of flowers wafted on the breeze.He made a subtle hint about her poor hygiene.You should be more subtle instead of telling the truth so bluntly.

What is a sentence with the word subtle?

She chose fabrics in subtle shades of grey.

How do you spell subtle?

The word is correct spelled, subtle (slight, or nuanced).

What is the silent letters of subtle?

The letters b and e are silent in subtle.

How do you know if a skeleton is a male or female?

The best way to tell if a skeleton is male or female is to inspect the pelvic area. On the male it will be narrower (it will look like a nice butterfly shape) on the female it will be wider. This is so for birthing. there are other subtle differences but this is the best way to determine the sex of a skeleton.

Use subtle in a sentence?

I gave my friend a subtle hint from across the room.

A sentence with subtle in it?

The girl was subtle which allowed her to fit through the hole in the wall.

Can you give me a sentence with subtle?

Not many people noticed the subtle humour in his remarks.

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