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Comets are generally seen as bad signs in most cultures all around the world, and the arrival of comets are linked to all kinds of misfortunate events. An ancient Chinese book from 300 B.C. collects the various disasters casued by comets, such as: whales die, war, conspiration against the emperor, fish, salt and riice become expensive, etc.

It is believed by historians that the aztec rules did not fight Cortes in 1519, because he saw a comet, which he believed to be the sign of the end of his realm. Especially the comet Halley is seen as a bad omen: it is believed to have caused the plague of 141 A.D., the conquest of England by William the Emperor, the attack of Genghis Kahn of the Western world, etc. Even in 1909 people got panicked, and anti-comet sickness pills were sold on the streets.

As there is always something bad happening in the world, i is very easy to link a coincidence to the appearance of a comet. However, some people still think that comets sign the doomsday, and some priests still call people to convert before that happens.

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Q: What are some superstitious beliefs about comets meteors stars and transet of planets?
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