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Symbols of Hinduism are usually used in art, sacred objects and rituals. They signify Hindu concepts, the attributes of deities, or the gods or goddesses themselves. Some of the symbols are; 'Bindi', 'Aum', 'Lotus' and 'Yantra'.

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Are there any major symbols in Hinduism?

there are 2 major symbols in Hinduism. One is symbol of aum & swastika.

What are the symbols for the creation in Hindu art?

Symbol of Hinduism is aum symbol and swastika symbol. These both symbols represent core belief of Hinduism.

What are the symbols accosted with Hinduism?

The main symbol associated with Hinduism is the symbol of aum. Also there is symbol of swastik which is also associated with hinduism.

What is the symbols of Hinduism and Buddhism?

symbol of Hinduism I aum & swastika. While symbol of Buddhism is yin & yang.

Is there a symble for Hinduism?

There are kinda loads of symbols for Hinduism. The most common one is the that is just like the Nazi sign

Hinduism symbols or meanings?

Hinduism is the major religion in India. One of its symbols include the Aum, which represents a sacred sound. Another symbol is the bindi, or the dot on the foreheads of married women.

Who created the Hindu symbols?

There was no particular person they just had a simple symbol which is the symbol of Hinduism

What is the figure for Hinduism?

Hinduism has a swastika, an om/aum/ohm, and a Sri Chakra Yanka so their symbols. They also are commonly noticed by Shiva dancing on a demon in front of a circle.

What are some historical events in Hinduism?

Evidence of prehistoric religion in India is found in the Bronze Age -Indus Valley Civilization, showing the certain elements of Hinduism such as baths (assumed to serve a ritual purpose) and Symbols, compared to the Shiva lingam.[3][4] There were also found Swastika signs, which are a popular motif in modern Hinduism.

What are some of the fates symbols?

what are some fates symbols

What are the meanings of some symbols?

Some symbols mean some things. Other symbols mean other things.

How is Hinduism practiced?

Hinduism is the third largest practiced religion in the world.It's a worship of many gods in forms of idols, symbols, animals.basically all organisms are symbolised as equals in the hindu religion

What are some similarities that Aztec religion had with Hinduism?

Wat r some similarities that aztec religion had with Hinduism

What are the names of followers the Hinduism religion?

The name for followers of Hinduism is Hindu. A Hindu is some one who follows the Philosophy of Hinduism.

What are some shared beliefs betwenn Buddhism and Hinduism?

Some of the shared beliefs of Buddhism and Hinduism are rebirth and Karma

What are some similarities in Judaism Hinduism and Buddhism?

some similarities between Hinduism & Buddhism are Non Violence & Peace. Judaism & Hinduism are common in belief of one Supreme God.

How does Hinduism affect the lives of there followers?

It provides them strength and love as they worship their many gods in forms of idols, symbols, and animals

What is the Hinduism symbol name called?

There are 2 main symbols in Hindu Religion. One is Aum and other is known as swastika.

Where Hinduism is primary worshipped?

Primarily Hinduism is worshipped at their homes. Or some people might go to Temple to worship God in Hinduism.

What are some Islamic symbols?

There are no Islamic symbols per religion. There may be some symbols per history and traditions but they are not religious symbols as, for example, the Cross for Christians.

What are some common keyboard symbols?

There are many common keyboard symbols. Some of the most common are the currency symbols å£ and $. The &, @, ?, # and % are also commonly used symbols.

Is Hinduism increasing or decreasing in popularity?

According to some surveys, Hinduism is increasing in popularity.

What are some origins for Hinduism?

Some origins for Hinduism are related with the ancient civilzation that were : The indus Valley civilization . Harrapan Culture.

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