Muscular System

What are some symptoms of the muscular system?


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The muscular system doesn't have "symptoms." The muscular systems is just there, and does not have any symptoms.


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Your muscular system consists of muscles and tendons, and is what moves your body. Here are some more sentences.I learned all the parts of the muscular system in science class.Your muscular system in needed to help you move.All animals have a muscular system of some sort.

Carbohydrates Provide Fuel for the Muscular System

Well, to move it is your Skeletal and Muscular system. To breathe it is your Muscular system. To digest is your muscular system and to survive is your Skeletal and some of your muscular system.

Yes, some diseases of the muscular system include Duchenne Muscular dystrophy, Becker Muscular dystrophy, Dermatomyositis, etc.

laboratory testing of the muscular system would include

Some symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy are pain and stiffness, falling, trouble getting up or down to a sitting position, large calf muscles and learning problems.

muscular systemMuscular system.MuscularMuscular

Rabies affect your muscular system. There is paralysis of the muscular system.

The Muscular System is a broad range term and includes three systems. The Skeletal Muscular System, the Visceral Muscular System and the Cardiac Muscle System.

if you ask this then wow... well seeing that the muscular system is its own system itself. then the body system that is part of the muscular system, i guess would be the muscular system.

Basically Muscles and Tendons

One problem you can have with your muscular system is deterioration. When you are not getting the right nutrients, your body will break down your muscles.

The nervous system tells the muscular system what to do.

A muscular system is your hole body with bones that move if you diren't have a muscular system you will be like a taco not moving. The muscular system is the largest system out of the respiratory,digestive,circulatory,skeletal.and nervous system.

Some that come to mind include Myesthenia Gravis trichinosis muscular dystrophy

the muscular system is connected to the skeletal and nervous system

no it is not part of the muscular system(:

ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph

The circulatory and the nervous system work with the Muscular System. The muscular system is responsible for the movement in the human body.

The symptoms resulting from failure of the muscular system to work properly would include weakness, tremors, or paralysis. In more severe cases, death, since muscles are also needed to breathe.

The main purpose of the muscular system is to provide movement for the body. The muscular system consists of mucles

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