What are some technological advances in education?


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technological advances are advancements in technology which make jobs easier to do and make products run more efficently


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Babylon's technological advancements was the wheel and the language

You can view podcasts about technological advances from any of the following places; ISTE, The International Society for Technology Education, The Ed Tech Crew Podcast, and NPR.

one of the technological advances that jules verne imagined was the submarine

The microcomputer / personal computer.

there main technological advance was figuring out how to do it

The biggest technological advances, between 1950 and 2004, were advances in computer sciences. Technical advances in communications are also considered to be important.

Alphabet, red-purple dye, and shipbuilding

The wheel, the sail, bronze... even gardening. :D

technological advances and enviromental incidents have encouraged scientists to look at earth as a system.

the iPod and the Macintosh computer for a couple

The bow and arrow, as well as the throwing spear.

he was stupid and no one liked him. he made no technological or cultural advances. Basically, he took over france. The end.

there were tons but some are cars tvs computers This is a good article describing a number of technological advances that led to things we use today. For example, the modern microphone was invented in 1920.

Two of the inventions and technological advances that changes lives as part of the market revolution are cell phones and the Internet.

* airplanes with jet engines * Radar * the atomic bomb

Advancement in the area of communication.

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