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God the Father, Nature of God, Nature of Man, Body and Soul, Angels, Sin of Adam, Prophets, Law of God, Law of Moses, Mosaic Law, Commandments, Covenant, Ark of the Covenant, Jesus Christ, Son of God, Son of Man, Lamb of God, Christianity, Christian, Holy Spirit, Scripture, Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdom of God, Hell fire, Devil, Satan, New Covenant, Eternal Life, Tradition, Baptism, Faith, Humility, Prayer, Forgiveness of Sins, Sacrifice, Church, Pope. Bishop, Priest, Saint, Resurrection, Last Day

A knowledge of keywords and terms used in Scripture and an appreciation of their meaning is essential to the understanding and practice of Christianity. If you use "Search" above using either "question" or "answers" you will find questions or answers dealing with most of these terms.

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What are some inmportant words or terms of Christianity?

The Ten commandments found in Exodus 20

Why was early Christianity incorporating into itself pagan mythic traditions?

To convert pagans by presenting Christianity in their terms.

Felsic and mafic are terms used by some geologists to describe what?

Mafic and felsic are terms used to describe the composition of igneous rocks.

What were some slang terms used during the Korean war?

some words they used were hii. and byee.

Is Christianity the top religion?

Christianity is the top religion in terms of support worldwide, somewhat ahead of Islam. Which religion is the 'top' religion, in terms of being the best religion, depends on which religion you belong to.

Does Taylor Swift follow Christianity?

She does follow Christianity. Most of her songs have terms like "Amen" in Our Song, "Alleluia" in Change.

What are some terms used by gay people?

There are no terms used only by gay people and not straight people. But if you're talking about gay slang, Here is a list of Gay Slang Terms.

What are some terms used for the process of accessing software?


What does the anchor symbol mean?

In Christianity terms it means hope or religious steadfastness. On other terms it can represent a seafarer of some type (usually military) or having trust in the spiritual world or a person who is stable and secure

What terms are used in football?

Some terms used in football are field goal, end zone, blitz, and cornerback. Other terms include quarterback, touchdown, down, flag, and extra point.

How is the bible in Christianity used by the believer?

It provides the fundamentals of Christianity.

Which is the fastest growing religion in world?

In terms of relative growth, its Wicca

What are some similarities between the Mayan religion and Christianity?

They both used the cross as a holy symbol.

What are some of the general terms used to describe star sizes?

Some of the terms are: * Hypergiant * Supergiant * Giant * Dwarf See related links for more information.

Which part of the Bible does Judaism Christianity and Islam have in common?

Judaism and Christianity have the bulk of the old testament in common. However Islam draws some of its source material from biblical stories but re-interprets it, so it does not have anything in common in terms of the bible.

Does Christianity effect the Hindu people?

On religious terms, no, it does not. Jesus is not part of the Hindu belief system. Socially and politically, yes, since the Portuguese and other Christian peoples have come to India and tried to convert Hindus to Christianity (with some success).

What are some terms used in mining?

Stope, adit, shaft, vein, ore, drilling, blasting, are a few mining terms.

Geography terms about earth?

Some geography terms that are used to refer to earth are altitude, degree, hemisphere, reef, and equator.

What are some food restrictions of Christianity?

There are no food restrictions in Christianity.

What is the important words or terms for Christianity?

There are many words important to Christianity: faith, hope, new life, salvation, resurrection (this concept is unique to Christianity), grace, love, compassion.... But this is merely scratching the surface!

What are terms used in boxing?

There are LOTS of terms used in boxing.

What is niscaire?

niscaire is the terms used in politic means to make some abedment.

What are the dance terms used in modern dance?

Some dance terms used in modern are the same as used in jazz, ballet and lyrical. -Calypso -stag leap -split leap -pirouette Hope this helped!

What literary terms are used in Nightfall by Isaac Asimov?

The terms used 'in' the story are psychiatric and scientific. No literary terms are referred to directly. If you mean 'what are some literary term applicable to Nightfall?' then foreshadowing, foreboding, third-person, epiphany.

What are some synonyms of the word 'terms'?

Synonyms for the word "terms" are article, language and title. Synonyms are good to be used to avoid the repetition of words in articles or essays for school.

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