What are some themes in the Nibelungenlied?

The heroic epic "Nibelungenlied" centers on multiple themes, which include chivalry, courtly love, deception, dreams and prophecies, and romance. The status of women is also a theme that permeates the novel. In the work, chivalry is a code of behavior mostly attributable to the knights. Their behavior both on the battlefield and in everyday life is an important aspect of their roles in the book. In addition, chivalry is linked to social status; in essence, men who are chivalrous are men of higher rank in terms of class and social standing. Courtly love is an example of a suitor's behavior towards a lady. A suitor showed "courtly love" when he pledged devotion, service, and respect towards his lady. The theme of deception is present throughout "Nibelungenlied," but it is intermingled with acts of bravery and courage. The last two categories of themes signify points in the story where future actions are foreshadowed, which (foreshadowing) is an element of many epics. By the end of the epic, the conventions of romance and victory are both linked.