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computer, feet, blanket, headphones, hair, water, tea, cup, tacks, unibrows.

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Q: What are some things that are Translucent?
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What kind of things are translucent?

Things you can some what see through. i.e stained glass, colored liquid, wax paper, ect.

What things are translucent?

Wax paper is translucent.

Why can't we see though translucent things?

We can; that is the definition of translucent.

Some things can pass through it while others cannot is called a what?


Is paper translucent?

no. paper is not translucent. but if we apply some oil on paper we can make it translucent.

What color is translucent green?

Translucent means light can go through it. Translucent colored things are things you can "see through." So translucent green is a green thing you can see through, that light can go through, such as, for instance, a green tinted piece of glass.

Is red cellophane transparent translucent or opaque?

Its transparent to red light, translucent to other colors.

What Things that are transparent?

3 things that are translucent are windows, a glass lid, and a glass jar.

What is translucent?

Translucent means allowing some light to pass through, but not completely transparent. It creates a hazy or blurry effect where objects can be seen but not in detail. Examples of translucent materials include frosted glass or wax paper.

Name a translucent material?

An example of translucent material is wax paper etc. etc.

Is stained glass translucent or transparent?

Stained glass is translucent because it let's some light come through but also absorbs and scatters light.

What sort of things are translucent?

Some examples of translucent objects are frosted glass, wax paper, certain plastics, and thin fabrics like chiffon or organza. These materials allow light to pass through them, but do not provide a clear view of what is on the other side.