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What are some things that are non-biodegradable?


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Material that's nonliving (excluding dead organic matter) is non-biodegradable. Plastic, metal, styrofoam, and corrugated cardboard are non-biodegradable, while a dead tree, animal waste, and skin cells are biodegradable.

A difference between biodegradable trash and non-biodegradable trash is that the biodegradable can be thrown out into a backyard and eventually turn into soil or something that other living things can reuse, while non-biodegradable trash can be recycled, as in reused for its original purposed, usually for humans.

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We are the only organisms that we know of that can understand and apply scientific knowledge to create nonbiodegradable substances.

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Nonbiodegradable waste is basically "trash that doesn't decompose naturally". Meaning that bacteria will not break it down and turn it into topsoil. Thinks like banana peels will decompose very quickly, thus they are biodegradable. But plastics, foams, and metals will not decompose, thus they are nonbiodegradable.

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nonbiodegradable means that a particular object is not able to break down naturally, such as man made plastic.

Biodegradable materials will rot, weather, or rust and 'return to nature'. Wood, paper, and even most metals are biodegradable to various degrees. Nonbiodegradable materials will not break down naturally. Most plastics and synthetic materials are nonbiodegradable.

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