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You can recategorize, answer questions, edit questions, and do much more on WikiAnswers.

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Q: What are some things to do on WikiAnswers?
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Why does WikiAnswers know nothing?

wikianswers know most things but some questions we're not sure of the answer to them!! Good question

Is WikiAnswers com the best?

There is actually no correct answer to this question. While some users think that there are things better then WikiAnswers, others love WikiAnswers. In my personal opinion, I say no, there are better things then WikiAnswers. I'm not saying that I don't like WikiAnswers. It's just that there are things more important like my parents, my family, God, friendship, and other things in life. WikiAnswers is fun but don't let it be your whole life, and I think a lot of users know what I'm saying. I love WikiAnswers but there are things more important than the internet and the computer.

What would be almost but not quite too inappropriate to show on WikiAnswers?

Some things are not welcome on WikiAnswers. This includes cyber bullying, vandalism and inappropriate questions comments and answers. Anything that includes swearing and things of inappropriate subject matter is not welcome on WikiAnswers.

Where can a person find those animals that dance and things like that on wikianswers?

Yes there is. There are animations that dance and things like that. If you want some, I have some on my page.

What are some mean things that rhyme with Cody?

WikiAnswers does not give answers that will help you to be mean to anyone.

Does WikiAnswers answer anything?

Techinally, no. WikiAnswers does not answer things. That is because WikiAnswers is just merely a website, and it is not capable of answering questions. However, users on the site answer qestions, and they do answer a lot of things.

How do you remove things from WikiAnswers?

you cant

Can you also answer some questions on WikiAnswers?

Yes , you can answer the questions on wikianswers.

What are some things that Wikianswers will not allow?

inappropriate answers, swearing cursing and bullying, you can read all the rules and regulations on

What things do lawyers do?

[initial response removed by WikiAnswers Supervisor]

Does anyone hate WikiAnswers?

Yes, some people do seem to hate WikiAnswers.

Why is WikiAnswers so unreliable?

WikiAnswers is not unreliable! There is nothing but good things to say about it. I recommend it to all of my friends when they need information.

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