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test her on what she likes a week before and then buy, buy and buy!!!

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How do Canadians celebrate Mothers Day?

we do indavidual things, it depends who you are. you could just get her a card or take her skydiving!

Could you give me some ideas about mothers day gifts to make?

Etsy is a wonderful website that can provide many different ideas for gifts for all occasions. Mothers Day gifts ideas can be found on this site as well however you may need to get creative to make some of these things at home.

Why do we celebrate Mother's Day on 8 may?

there is no reason for it to be on the 8th of may, that i know, but i can tell you why we celebrate mothers day. We celebrate mothers day to remember all the things mothers do for us, and it is a time to relax and spoil your mum too. hope it helps!

What are some Christian songs for Mothers Day?


What is the symbol for Mother's Day?

there arent any symbols for mothers day. there are things like flowers to represent the day but no actual symbols.

What day was mothers day in 2000?

in 2000 mothers day was on may 14th

What day is Mothers day in 2013?

Sunday, May 12 is Mothers Day.

Is Mother's Day only for mothers?

It is traditionally only for Mothers. There is Mothers Day in May and Father Day in June for parents.

What are some things you could get for a guy for Valentine's Day?

You could get a guy some chocolates or maybe a teddy and make sure u get him a card

Why is mothers day mothers day?

so you can say thank you to your mum

What special things can you write for your grandmother in a mothers day card?

i hate u got to hell

What are some gift ideas that I can make at home for my mom for Mothers Day?

There are many different homemade mothers day gifts that you can make. I suggest you try making some homemade jewelry such as a necklace or bracelet.

Why is Mothers day all about mothers?

it is about mothers because hint the word mothers day

Is there a Step Mother's Day?

No, mothers day is the day where you would celebrate all the things moms do for you. Whether it is a mom, step mom, grandma, etc.

What are some other things you could do on earth day?

You could ride a bike instead of driving in a car to save gas.

What are good gifts to mother?

gift on mothers day is some dresses some cake or some choclates

What do moms do on Mother's Day?

Mothers day is a holiday celebrated for mothers every year in May. Mothers will usually attend mothers day brunches or parties for their special day. Most families will buy flowers for their mothers and try to make the day as easy and fun as possible for those special women.

What day of the week does mothers day fall on this year?

mothers day falls on 13th of may which is sunday

Why do people celebrated Mother's Day?

Mothers day used to be a day where children got a day of from work and got to see there mothers and family and now because children don't work anymore it has changed into a day where you celebrate mothers and fathers day was made up because of mothers day.

What was mothers called day in the middle ages?


How is Mother's Day celebrated in the US?

Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in the U.S. In the United States, children honor their mothers with flowers, gifts, treating mothers to eating out, etc. Churches often have special sermons about mothers and present mothers with corsages as they enter the church. Unlike some holidays, Mother's Day is not usually full of activity. but is a time for children to spend special family time with their parents, especially their mothers. Some special ways mothers are honored are: Some give their mom a card and a gift and maybe treat her to breakfast in bed.

What is the date of Mothers Day?

Mothers Day is on 9th May, 2010.It is the Second Sunday in May

What are some things to do on a hot day without spending a lot of money?

There are lots of things you could do the question here is, are the ideas for a kid or adult?

Who started the mother's day work clubs?

Gorge Washington started mothers day because his mother did a lot for him so then he made mothers day. a very long time and we still have mothers day! ;)

How do you say 'Happy Mother's Day' in Persian?

happy mothers day in Persian