Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a holiday in honor of mothers, celebrated in the United States and many other countries. This category is for questions regarding the holiday, such as gifts given on Mother's Day.

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Mother's Day

What do you love most about your mom?

Her hugs. I've never had a problem a hug from my mom couldn't make better, at least for a little while.
Mother's Day
Father's Day

How are Father's Day and Mother's Day calculated each year?

In North America Mother's Day is always the second Sunday of May, while Father's Day is always the third Sunday of June.

Mother's Day
English to Arabic

What is mother is mother in Arabic?

mama ماما

mema ميما

omi امي

yamma ياما

kayamma كياما

memty ميمتي

amah اماه

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Mother's Day

What words connected with Mother's Day begin with the letter 'n'?

Nice and Neat

Mother's Day

On what date did Mother's Day fall in 1996?

Mother's Day is celebrated in the United States on the 2nd Sunday in May. In 1996 it fell on May 12th.

Mother's Day

When is Mother's Day in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. However, you can check the details of each holidays in Malaysia. You can use the source link below.

Mother's Day

What is meant by celebrating motherhood?

This is true: it was dreamed up by a greeting card salesman. Because we Americans are sloppily sentimental and infantile, we're conned by anything resembling a holiday into opening our wallets. If you don't think this is true, think about Halloween.

It also helps us paper over our guilt for recognizing she's bat-crap crazy too.

Mother's Day

When is Mother's Day celebrated in India?

Most countries including US, Australia, Canada and India celebrate Mothers Day on the second Sunday of May. Mother Day came into being due to the efforts made by Ms Julia Ward Howe and Ms Anna Jarvis. The Resolution for having a dedicated 'Mother's Day was signed by US President Woodrow Wilson on May 8, 1914. Since then people across the world have been celebrating Mothers Day with joy and devotion.
same as here

Mother's Day

What was the date of Mother's Day 1988?

In the UK, Mothers' Day in 1988 was on Sunday, 13th March.

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Mother's Day

What are your rights if your siblings disposed of your deceased mother's will and sold your mother's property without giving you anything?

You have plenty of rights and your siblings just broke the law! When a person leaves a Will it's for a reason and the instructions in that Will should be followed to the letter whether all or one of you disagrees with the outcome. A Will must go into Probate. Probate makes sure all personal and property taxes are paid off, mortages, loans paid off and any credit card debts, etc. What is left in the Will (called "The Estate) is what is divided amongst the heirs that the deceased has put in their Wills. ALL HEIRS have a right to receive a copy of that Will. All Heirs (siblings) have the right to enter the premises of that home and divide equally any personal items of the mothers. I suggest you go to a lawyer and tell him/her you did not receive a copy of the Will (you may not be in it) and if you are, they will take steps to make the Executrix (female) Executor (male) pay up! Also, you can contest the Will through the courts. You're siblings are in big trouble if you are in that Will. Please don't sit back and take this, but find out if you were mentioned in this Will. If you aren't, and you were a caregiver to your mother, then you can still contest the Will. You better believe your siblings will want to settle out of court because the court system can hold up the process of releasing property and money for several years and usually people that do these things to their siblings are greedy, so they want their money. Go for it! Good luck Marcy

Mother's Day

What years was Mother's Day on May 10?


Mother's Day

Who started the idea of Mother's Day?

The idea of Mother's Day is thought to have begun with an idea by a young Appalachian homemaker, Anna Jarvis, who from 1858 had attempted to improve sanitation through what she called Mothers' Work Days. She organized women throughout the Civil War to work for better sanitary conditions for both sides, and in 1868 she began work to reconcile Union and Confederate neighbors.

Jarvis's ideas influenced suffragette Julia Ward Howe to call for Pacifism and Disarmament by mothers. Ward Howe proclaimed the first Mothers' Day in Boston in 1870, calling for it to be celebrated annually from 1872. Commonly, early activities involved groups of mothers meeting, whose common factor was that their sons had fought or died on opposite sides of the American Civil War. Julia Ward Howe was unable to obtain formal recognition of a Mothers' Day for Peace.

Anna Jarvis' daughter Anna was influenced by both her own mother's work, and the work of Julia Ward Howe. After her mother died, the younger Anna Jarvis started her own campaign to start a memorial day for women. The first Mothers' Day was celebrated as a memorial to mothers in Grafton, West Virginia, on 10 May 1908, in the church where the elder Anna Jarvis had taught Sunday School. After this, the custom caught on, spreading eventually to 45 states (and later other nations). Finally the holiday was declared officially by states beginning in 1912, and in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson declared the first national Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is not to be confused with "Mothering Sunday" in the UK. Celebrated in March every year, this celebration of mothers began when people set aside this day to attend church services to honor the Virgin Mary. It gradually developed into the festival it is today, as honoring mothers everywhere.

Mother's Day

What can you give your wife on Mother's Day if you don't have a lot of money?

Remember, it is not Wife's Day but Mother's Day. It is the kids who have to make the effort, but they may need guidance from their father. For some women Mother's Day can be more important than their own birthday.

Mother's day is not about money, but children showing love and appreciation to their mothers. As the father, remind the kids to visit their mother. As the husband, you could let her sleep in, and when she is ready to get up, you or you and the children could make breakfast and serve it to her in bed or sit down as a family to eat. Don't forget to clean up after breakfast. It won't be as special for mom if she is left with cleaning up the mess.

Here are some ideas to pass on to your children:

  • Planning a day for their mother and letting her know how much they all appreciate her will most likely mean more than anything they could buy.
  • Mothers always like it when the children offer to do a chore they don't normally do. Suggest they each give her a book of coupons for chores they will do when she needs them done, but only if they will actually do the chore when she asks without putting it off or making an excuse when the time comes.
  • Remind them to say "I love you" and give her a kiss. This is also something you should do.
  • This is another idea: I made an "I Love You" out of post-it notes and wrote a little something or drew something on each little post-it and then during the night I taped it to her door. Then in the morning, I went outside and picked some little flowers off our bush and put them in a glass bowl full of water and next to it put a little card. Then I went downstairs and cleaned the kitchen. She loved it, and it didn't cost anything.
  • Encourage them to get some flowers, either by buying them or picking them, and deliver them to mom personally. A nice bouquet delivered personally shows mom you really care much more than one that is delivered by the florist.

Here are some comments from moms:

  • For a mom, there is nothing greater than to see that her children can start taking care of themselves and her as well. It shows that they learned well; that is what the whole upbringing was all about.
  • Last year my family packed a picnic and took me to the park. They made me cards and didn't let me prepare my own sandwich or anything. We walked the boardwalk and such. When we got home and the kids were off to bed, my husband ran me a hot bath and rubbed my feet. It was just a quiet day with the family, but it was really great. I'll remember it forever.
  • I never understood, as a kid, why my mom would get choked up when I made her a homemade card. Now that I am a mom myself, I finally get it. It sounds cliche, but it really is the thought that counts. Just let her know you appreciate her.
Mother's Day

What should you write in a Mother's Day card?

You should write something from your heart that pertains to your mother. It could be about good times you have had together, something special about your mom, how much you love and appreciate her, etc.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, sugar is sweet just like you or
  • Dear mum
I'm very thankful to God that I have a mother like you (caring, loving, being a best friend). And happy Mother's Day. I LOVE YOU MOM
  • Thank you for the great laughs we have. I'm just speechless.

you wire in card any thing with the help of your mind which you like to write
something meaningful to show how much you appreciate everything she does for you.
Mother's Day

What was the date of Mother's Day in the US in 1958?

Mother's Day in 1958 was on Sunday, May 11. For a calendar from 1958, see the Related Link so you can be more sure by yourself.

Mother's Day

Who decides when Mother's Day is?

Its always the second Sunday of every May in countries such as the US and Australia.

The UK equivalent, "Mothering Sunday", is celebrated in March each year.

Mother's Day
Special Needs Children
Extended Family

If your cousin is mentally challenged and his mother does not give him what he needs what can you do?

I'm not particularly sure what you mean but if your talking about basic needs then yes do what ever it is to help out your help will be greatly appreciated sometimes it's hard for parents to do what is necessary for their kids who have learning disability so yes help if you can. Social Sevices or Human Services wouldbe the people to talk to. If he is at school see if you can talk to one of his teachers. Persons who are mentally challenged are eligible to receive many forms of public assistance including Medicare, Medicaid and other government aid and resources. In such situations a case worker is assigned to oversee the personal care of the mentally challenged person including educational and physical therapy, special medical needs and so forth. If the family is not receiving such aid it may be due to the fact that the parents/caregivers are not aware of the assistance that is available. The state's department of family and human services can assist in whatever matter is needed, telephone numbers can be found in the "state government pages" of the local phone directory. Before making the conclusion that said person is not getting what is needed, one must be very certain what those needs are. If the person is not being kept healthy by proper diet and hygiene, not receiving needed medical or dental care, or there are signs of abuse or neglect it is a serious problem and it should be reported at once. On the other hand it may be a misunderstanding of what the person's needs are by those who are not schooled in the care of the mentally handicapped. One option might be to communicate to the parent(s) one's concerns about the care being given and try to find an equitable solution before involving outside agencies. Depending on the degeree of "needs not met", there are a few things you could do to help. Ask the mother if she is aware of assistance available for special needs children and adults. If not, help her make some phone calls to various agencies; state and town etc... Sometimes it can be overwhelming for a mother of someone with special needs, and a little help can go a long way. Some parents a against any help from "outsiders". If there is outright neglect or abuse, you should call the state and find out which agency could help the situation. No child or adult should be abused or neglected, and the penalty is higher for abuse/neglect of the elderly and hanicapped. If the situation is high priority (abuse, serious neglect, serious lack of ordinary care), the person may need to be removed from their current living conditions. ANOTHER POINT of view is that it is a FELONY to abuse and/or neglect a person with MENTAL RETARDATION,, you can help your cousin by contacting the State Agency that protects people with retardation. They will investigate and if they find the handicapped person IS being neglected, they can help the parent to meet the necessary laws of proper care and/or help them get out of that situation....Best of are doing your cousin a BIG favor by helping them out. Do NOT call it retardation that word is not acceptable any more. The question you have to ask youself is how your cousin is being neglected or treated. If the situation is minor and your cousins carer is finding it difficult to look after your cousin on their own, or even with the help of family, there are polenty of care services that can help. Asking at the school or asking a social worker, if they have one, is a good place to start. If the situation is harming your cousins development, or mental, or physical help you may want to bypass your cousins carer and go to through the school or social worker and they will be able to assess the situation proffessionally and set in place what supports or actions that are needed.

Mother's Day

When is Mother's Day in 2012?

  • Mother's Day was celebrated in 2012 on May 13, 2012 in a large chunk of the world (such as US, Australia, Cuba, Japan, Swizterland, etc)
  • March 18th in the UK, Ireland and Nigeria
  • 8th March for Slovenia, Russia, Vietnam and others

See the related link below for the full list of Mothers Day Dates.
Sunday 18th March
may 13
May 13

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Mother's Day
Hindi Language and Culture

Hindi poem on nature with the poet's name?

Seekho by Sreedhar Padak

Phoolom say nith hasna seekho,

Phoumrom say nith gaana.

Phal ke ladhi daaliyom say,

Nith seekho sheesh chukaana.

Seekh hawa kay chonkom say lo,

Komal-komal bahna.

Dhudh thatha paani say seekho,

Mel-jol say rahna.

Sooraj kee kiranom say seekho,

Jagna owr jagaana.

Latha owr pedom say seekho,

Sabko galay lagaana.

Deepak kay jalnay say seekho,

Anthakaar ko harna.

Prithvi say seekho sabkee nith,

Sacchi seva karna.

Mother's Day
Colleges and Universities

Tell me something about your school days?

i had enjoy every moment of my school life. i did my school at sbk . i used to go to school by bus . my school was located 20 km away from my home town. it was very good experience . travelling and studying. i would like to share one experience when i was studied 8th std the boy name was jagadesh who beaten by our social science teacher . his name is prem. jagadesh decided to revenge prem. so he decided to drink poison . he bought rat poison. he juster mixed water with that poison. me and my friends were sitting and chatting at ground. he just came and inform us he is going to drink poison. he carried water bottle and run away from there . he just shouting like hey im going to drink poison. we are all chasing him. he drunk liitle bit. we got him and hand over him at the pd room . they just got the letter from him pocket and took him to the hospital. we just got the msg abt what was written in the letter. he written about his death. im going to die because of prem beaten me up . so im going to die.

Mother's Day

Why do we celebrate Mother's Day on 8 may?

there is no reason for it to be on the 8th of may, that i know, but i can tell you why we celebrate mothers day.

We celebrate mothers day to remember all the things mothers do for us, and it is a time to relax and spoil your mum too.

hope it helps!

Mother's Day

When is Mother's Day in the Philippines?

Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in the Philippines.

Mother's Day

What are some Mother's Day gift ideas?

Please add your new ideas under the last one by hitting "Return" or "Enter" on your keyboard!

  1. Her favorite kind of flowers
  2. Chocolate/candy
  3. Jewelry - handmade or store bought
  4. Clothes
  5. Go to a nice spa and book a nice treatment
  6. Gift card to her favorite store
  7. Magazines or magazine subscription
  8. Anything handmade is always great! Scrapbook, painting, jewelry, etc. are a couple!
  9. My Mom is a BIG tea drinker so I was thinking of getting the "You Are Always Loved" Mugs =) Who doesn't enjoy drinking out of a mug that always tells you that you are loved?
  10. You can never go wrong with breakfast in bed
  11. Handmade card
  12. Make a card yourself and get her earrings or something she needs (ex. foot warmers)
  13. Spend time with her - go and watch a movie, take her for dinner, or something that you thing she 's going to like.
  14. Make her a homemade card
  15. Make her a CD with her favorite songs on it
  16. Write her a song
  17. Write her a poem
  18. Give her a coupon book
  19. Make her something like a slideshow (Smilebox link below)
  20. Take her out to eat!
  21. Bottle of wine
  22. Wine of the month/beer of the month club membership - she needs it, after all!
  23. Personalized corkscrew
  24. Her favorite perfume
  25. Nowadays I simply put money in a card so my mum can choose what to spend it on
  26. If you don't think spending money is your thing however, you could try doing something nice, such as breakfast in bed, or cleaning the house, or perhaps taking her somewhere nice for the day. It's really just to show you care.
  27. Framed family photo
  28. Take the family photo you have to a portrait painting studio and ask for an enlargement. Order it in a frame for a wonderful portrait painting.
  29. Personalized phone case
  30. For the gardener - gardening tools, gloves, seeds, a juicer
  31. A nice scarf - handmade or store bought
  32. Candles
  33. Candle holders
  34. Tea pot/coffee maker
  35. Coffee/tea
  36. Beauty items - Clarisonic, new curlers, lip gloss, chapstick, nail polish
  37. MP3 player
  38. Sunglasses
  39. Sunglasses case
  40. For the cook - cookbook, cooking utensils, apron, cutting board, crockpot
  41. New camera
  42. Camera bag/accessories
  43. Photo albums
  44. Books, bookmark
  45. Kindle Fire
  46. iPad
  47. Monogrammed iPad case
  48. Watch
  49. New wine glasses
  50. Wine glass charms
  51. New purse/satchel/briefcase
  52. Foot bath kit
  53. For the outdoorsy woman - golf clubs, hydration pack, new backpack, hat
  54. Lotion/body wash/body spray basket
  55. Mother's necklace/ring - include her birthstone, as well as the birthstones of each child
  56. Hummingbird feeder
  57. Robe
  58. Portable speakers for her MP3 player
  59. Flavor infuser water bottle
  60. Tickets to a concert
  61. Jewelry box or jewelry armoire
  62. Personalized vase
  63. Insulated lunch bag for work
  64. Compact purse hanger
  65. Throw pillows
  66. Personalized platter
  67. Desk/wall clock for work
  68. Jar of homemade cookies
  69. New soft blanket
  70. Chenille socks
  71. Stationary (personalized or plain)
  72. Return address stamp
  73. Slippers
  74. Makeup bag
  75. Plush spa-like bath towel (or set of towels)
  76. Aromatic reed diffuser
  77. Personalized family garden stone
  78. The perfect hostess - beverage server, apron, platter
  79. A battery with a USB plug on it that fits in her purse for charging her phone
  80. New gloves
  81. Knitted earband warmer
  82. Comfy pajamas
  83. Hot air balloon ride
  84. Make a family tree and frame it
  85. Customized postal stamps
  86. Yoga mat
  87. Personalized coaster set
  88. Look up free events in your town - concerts, plays, museum tours, etc. - and then pick the one that Mom would love
  89. Do some household/yard chores that need to be done.
  90. Sleep mask
  91. Bouquet of balloons
  92. Picnic with Mom!
  93. Live near the beach? New beach towel, sunscreen, and umbrella
  94. Take her out for dessert
  95. Personalized mouse pad
  96. Bonsai tree growing kit
  97. Wind chime
  98. Personalized pet bowl for her furry friend
  99. Tickets to a play
  100. Her favorite movie on DVD
  101. Laptop case
  102. There are some cool Mom's mug on White mug with a heart on it and a sign 'I love my mom'.

Of course, the best gift you can give is love. Good luck, and happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day

Is Mother's Day the busiest restaurant day?

Yes it could be or any special occasion :')

Mother's Day

What should you write for Mother's Day card?

Just be honest. Tell your mum that you love her, tell her that you are thankful for everything she has done for you (maybe tell her what those things are). Tell her how much she means to you and what you have learned from her. Tell her what a great mum and person she it. Tell her everything good about her!


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