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Learn everything you can about ferrets through books and research. There is so much to learn about caring for ferrets

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Q: What are some tips on a ferret?
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What food do you give a hunting ferret?

Feed your ferret it's regular meal in the morning. When hunting take some treats and plenty of water for your ferret.

Where can you find patterns for ferret clothes?

Here are some link to sites for pet clothing - one is how to measure your ferret, the other two are for dog clothing, but you can adapt for ferret clothing.

What is a ferret kit?

A Ferret kit is a baby Ferret.

Where can you get a Ferret for fifty dollars?

some shelters and craigslist

Why does the baby ferret clean the older ferret ears?

Some ferrets, especially female ferrets will clean other ferrets ears

What is the odd one out donkey kangaroo mule and ferret?


How do I stop ferret from throwing litter out of box?

its possible there too much litter in the box my ferret did the same thing til i took out some of the litter or if its a younger ferret its possible he s just playing in it

What to do when your ferret underweight?

Vet - Firstly take your ferret to the vet as soon as possible to find out what is causing your ferret to be underweight. Some vets may give you special high fat / high calorie food to help your ferret gain weight. They may also give the ferret a dose of steroids to stimulate hunger. Ferret food quality - Make sure you are giving your ferret a high quality ferret food with high protein content and low grain content. Cat food and kitten food are not suitable. Also occasionally give your ferret some raw meat in addition to their kibble. Food and water - ferrets should always have access to food and water. Ferrets should always have access to food and many ferrets will not eat unless they also have you could do is buy a supplement paste which is given to the ferret daily. It is high in vitamins and minerals which help to keep your ferret healthy. Supplement paste - buy a supplement paste and give some to the ferret daily. They provide the ferret with essential vitamins and minerals Stimulation - ferrets who are not stimulated will sometimes refuse to eat causing them to lose weight. Provide your ferret with plenty of toys and regularly swap the toys so the ferret doesn't get bored. Make sure you allocate time every day to allow your ferret out of its cage or room and use this time to play with and bond with your ferret

Does a ferret need to have a cage?

A ferret does not necessarily have to have a cage, but would need to be in a very ferret proofed environment. Ferrets are prone to accidents or injury because of their curious, burrowing nature to get into places. If you do not cage your ferret, at least have a travel carrier in case they need to be confined for some reason.

Will eating ants hurt ferret?

No. They will not harm your ferret unless your ferret eats them.

What are some fun things you can do with your ferret and how do you leash train?

Just let your ferret run around the house! Make sure it is ferret-proofed though!! Get some toys for your ferret to play with, you can also get a companion for your ferret {make sure he/she is spayed/neutured}! Sounds like she is not used to the harness, start with just a wearing a collar around the house first, then try to harness, distract her or give treats to get her used to it before taking her outside.

What animal can a ferret be friends with?

It depends on the ferret and you must always supervise them when around other animals - cats, some dog breeds can be friends

Why does your ferret have bloody stools?

If your ferret has bloody stool or black tarry stools it is almost certain that some type of internal bleeding or hemorrhage is taking place and the ferret needs immediate veterinary medical attention.

Is Monique a ferret?

Monique is a ferret

can me ferret love me?

Not with that grammar...

What are some animal that begin with the letter Ef?

fox, ferret

Can a girl ferret have babies without a boy ferret?

No. The sperm from the male ferret is required to fertilise the egg / eggs of the female ferret

What is the young of a ferret?

A young ferret or baby ferret is known as a kit.

What are some tricks you can teach a ferret?

Some tricks you can teach a ferret would be to roll over or sit up, and othersAdvice from another contributor:Many, many things. If you go to youtube and search training your ferret It comes up with many videos of what and how you can teach them tricks.

What to do for a depressed ferret whos brother died recently?

get your ferret a new ferret friend.

If you have a bird should you get a ferret?

No, a ferret might view a bird as prey, and even if the ferret doesn't, a bird would stress of fear of the ferret.

Should ferret be capitalized?

No ferret is not capitalized

Can you get a ferret at Petsmart?

you can not get a ferret in most petsmarts.

Does a ferret have hair or fur?

A ferret has fur

Does a ferret like to smoke?

A ferret does not smoke