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There are a few diseases and it's intricate so it's best to speak with your vet. If you suspect your puppy has a blood platelet problem then see your vet immediately. If you have seen a vet then don't be afraid to write down on paper any questions you would like to ask your vet. Working with your vet on any disease a pet may have is extremely important. If money is an issue have a heart-to-heart with you vet and try to work it out. Most vets worth their salt will find a way to get the treatment to the pet at minimal cost.

2006-09-05 17:53:57
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Is it normal for red nose puppy to pee blood?

It is NEVER normal for a puppy to pee blood. If there is blood in the urine contact your vet

What is the growth cycle for a Yorkshire terrier puppy?

my 6 month old puppy is 1.8kgs what will he be when fully grown

Can you use puppy eyedrops gentamicin in puppy ears for infection?

Pet antibiotics have specific uses for specific infections. Consult your veterinary professional.

How many stages of growth are there for dogs?

Unweaned puppy Puppy Young adult Adult 'No more new tricks'

How do you measure growth in a puppy?

use a ruler or tape measure

can a puppy be traumatized at the sight of blood?

No, i dont think your puppy could be traumatized by the sight of blood. Likely he/she does not even know what the sight of blood means.

How much food does a bloodhound puppy eat in a week?

howmuch food does a blood hound puppy eat

Is a puppy a warm blood animal?

yes. yes it is

Why would your 3 month old puppy bleed?

my 3 month old puppy have blood when she urine why does this happen

How long does it take an English bulldog puppy to reach full growth?

3 years

What does it mean when a puppy pees blood?

It is possible that your pet has a urinary tract infection. You need to take the puppy to the vet immediately.

What does it mean if a puppy is peeing blood?

It is possible that your pet has a urinary tract infection. You need to take the puppy to the vet immediately

Dog blood stools?

Any time a dog or puppy has blood in their stools, they need to see a veterinarian.

Why is beagle puppy acting lethargic and not eating?

How old is your puppy? If you have not given your puppy his puppy could be Parvo. Parvo will kill if it is not treated. You need to get your puppy to the vet for blood test. my puppy is 6 months old- she has gotten all of her shots. that's why im concerned. i just got back from the vet- but he said he wasnt sure what was going on. they ran some blood and urine tests so im waiting for the results. how is parvo found?

What are puppy growth spurts?

These are times when it seems like your puppys growth just spurt ahead and he is so much bigger now then the last time you checked.

What should 6 week old puppy eat?

At 6 weeks a puppy should be being introduced to a high quality puppy chow. Make sure it is high in fat content, because that is still crucial to the puppy's growth and development.

Why is my 4 month old puppy throwing up blood?

It could be that the puppy swallowed something sharp that punctured something inside or the puppy could have a serious ailment in its digestive tract. Blood is never normal coming from either the mouth, rectum, or urethra and the dog should be checked by a vet.

Can my 9 week old puppy take baby benadryl?

I would NOT recommend it. a puppy grows a lot during 1-12 weeks, making your puppy could possibly hurt it, or have growth defficiency. If it is neccessary talk to your local veteranarian first.

Can puppy go by dogs without needles?

no. if they do they will turn into a blood thirsty dinosaurmoosepuppy

What do you do if there is blood in your puppy's poop?

Blood in the feces is always a bad sign. It is most often associated with parvovirus which can kill a puppy very quickly. Or it could indicate an internal injury or other serious injury or illness. If a puppy has blood in his poop he should be taken immediately to the veterinarian.

How can you tell how bad your puppy has parvo?


How much penicillin do you give your 3 month old puppy?

You give the exact amount prescribed by your veterinarian. If your veterinarian has not prescribed penicillin for your puppy, you should not give any to your puppy. Penicillin is a drug with known side effects, including severe gastrointestinal bacterial infections from killing off the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Is it nomal for a 7week old puppy to pass blood?

no you should take him/her to the vet immediately

9 week old shih tzu pooping blood and feverish?

PLEASE take that puppy to the vet. In puppies, blood in the stools and fever are signs of Parvo virus. Untreated Parvo virus can be fatal to a 9-week old puppy.

Blood in puppy stool?

This could be a sign of internal bleeding and should be attended to by the vet immediately.