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What are some names names of different braids?

french, box, micro, cornroll, breadbasket, german, insideout,

How do you get braids on poptropica if you dont have none?

if you find some with braids and click on the clothes buttob and then click on her

What are some types of black flowers?

Some types of black flowers are the Black Dahlia, the Black Pansy, the Black Lily and the Calla Lily. Other black flowers are the Queen of the Night Tulip, the Bat Orchid and the Black Magic Hollyhock.

What are some Dolphins names?

Please specify whether you asking about names of types, or names for adopted dolphins.

Suggest some names for a team?

black balls

What are some good names for a black and white male American Curl?

Some good names for a black and white male American curl are rads, bear, and Scotty.

Can you name some types of names of jobs from Argentina?

hte main types of jobs are farming

What are braids?

Small plaits. Some people put beads on them.

How does braids make your hair grow?

Keyword: TIGHT BRAIDS. For curlier/coilier hair, wearing braids and keeping them moisturized actually promotes growth because it’s a low maintenance and low manipulation hairstyle. While the hair is in braids, it causes less breakage if it’s done right.

What are some names of canyons?

what are some names of canyons

What are some racist names for black people?

jungle bunny

What are some of the names for different types of Mexican witchcraft?

Santeria or Candomble.

What are some types of rhinos?

There are five types of rhinos: black, white, Sumatran, Javan, and Indian.

What are some types of helicopters?

chincok, black hawk, cobra

How many names does the panda have?

Some other names are Black and white cat-foot, and giant panda!!!!

What are some uncommon names for black and white kittens?


What are the the names of some omnivorous animals?

dog black bear monkey

What are some cigarette names that start with B?

Black Cat cigarettes.

What are some cool team names for black and gold?

wiz kalifa

What are the names of some horse films?

Flicka Spirit The Black Stallion

What are some good hairstyles for a 12 year old girl with medium length strawberry blonde layered hair?

braids. i know because im 12 and have that same kind of hair. I love to do braids, fishtails, loose side braids, and braid head band with a ponytail... so many different hairstyles with braids. You should look into that. But simply, just put your hair in a braid if you have someone who knows how to do cool braids.

What are black baby boy names?

Some names could be: Dajaun, Ramaj, Jaunde, Mjiles (pronounced Miles).

Can any type of hair get braids?

No because some hairs are diffrent to others

What are some types of zebras?

the only 3 are the white and black ,the black and white one and the orange on that comalsal

You found some tadpoles they are small and black what kind of frog will they be?

Many types of frogs have black tadpoles.