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Glazed Donuts, Cake Donuts, Chocolate Iced Donuts, Vanilla Iced Donuts, Boston Creme, Bavarian Creme, Jelly Filled, icing filled. Just to name a few

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Q: What are some types of donuts?
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What are many types of donuts?

many types of donuts are glazed , donuts with sprinkles , chocolate donuts , cinnamon donuts, vanilla donuts and more

How have donuts changed over the years?

Donuts have changed over the years because some donut companies have eliminated trans fat and other ingredients. They have also created different types of donuts, such as cronuts (a croissant and donut combined).

How many types of donuts are in the world?

There are probably over 1000 considering the donuts from our country plus the donuts from other places around the world.well, if they have donuts in other country's but im pretty sure they do.

Do police eat donuts?

Yes some cops eat donuts and others do not. Just like some humans eat donuts while others do not.

What are some beliefs police officers have?

donuts is love donuts is life.

What are some verbs for donuts?

Sorry, donuts can't move. We can't apply verbs to it.

Do police eat donut?

Yes some cops eat donuts and others do not. Just like some humans eat donuts while others do not.

Can birds eat donuts?

Maybe some big birds can, but i don't think they will like donuts.

What types of fats are found in french fries and donuts?

trans fatty acids

Do they make the donuts at Dunkin' Donuts?

Some stores make their own donuts. They have bakers come in at 3am. In many smaller stores that have a drive thru the donuts are brought to the store already made and then the staff just has to arrange and place them out for sale.

Do you need baking powder to make donuts?

Donuts need some type of leavening, which is typically baking powder. There are also recipes for Yeast Donuts which are leavened with yeast.

Are donuts high in fats?

Most donuts are fried, so they are quite high in fats. Some bakeries and stores have baked donuts that are much lower in fat than fried donuts. Baked donuts can also be produced in home kitchens with special pans as well as with commercial baked donut mixes.

How many donuts does Dunkin' Donuts sell per day?

Dunkin Dounuts sales vary daily and by location. Some times sales can also up the amount of donuts ordered.

What are some foods in northwest territory?


Is Dunkin Donuts open on New Year's Day?

Generally, yes, Dunkin' Donuts is open on New Year's Day. There might be some exceptions, so you should call your local Dunkin' Donuts to be sure.

How many types of donuts are there?

there are many. does it really matter? what matters is what kind of donut u like the best

Do bears like donuts?

I'm not sure. Depends on the bear. He/she may or may not like them, just as some humans don't like donuts

Are glazed donuts filled inside?

not most, but some are.

What are some stereotypes of police officers?

They Love Donuts

Which company is known for making Krispy Kreme donuts?

Krispy Kreme donuts are generally made by Krispy Kreme themselves. They make many different types of donut including original glazed and chocolate iced glazed.

How many donuts does Dunkin' Donuts sell?

a thousand donuts

If you bought 40 donuts at Dunkin' Donuts how much would it cost?

Depends how much the donuts at dunkin donuts are...How much are they?

How does some people describe donuts?

Most people love them.

What are some famous pastries?

Twinkies, donuts, cake, canolie

Is Dunkin Donuts open on Christmas Eve?

In some countries.