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Documentary letter of credit, open letter of credit, confirmed letter of credit,unconfirmed letter of credit, revolving letter of credit, fixed letter of credit,transferable letter of credit,nontransferable letter of credit,revocable letter of credit,irrevocable letter of credit,back to back letter of credit.

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Q: What are some types of letter of credit?
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What are the types of inland Letter of Credit?

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Out of different types of letters of credit what is revolving letter of credit?

A Revolving letter of Credit is issued by a financial agency to its clients and potential customers of the availability of credit facility offered. The letter contains the credit terms and conditions that are attractive to the clients and potential customers. It is one of the ways which a financial agency can generate income.

What is payment credit as a type of letter of credit?

A dispute letter to credit bureaus is written by an individual to the credit bureau over the some issue related to credit standing. The individual would need to be clear in his letter of dispute against that of the credit bureau, providing evidence where possible to proof the error on the part of the credit bureau.

What types of credit card are available from Bank West?

Some types of credit cards that are available from Bank West are those that are registered under Visa. These credit cards will allow you to purchase lots of items.

What are types of credit according to maturity?

what are the types of credit according to maturity

What types of credit unions are there?

There are four different types of credit unions. They are global credit unions, national credit unions, local credit unions, and employee credit unions.

How is opening letter of credit different from establishing letter of credit?

Both has same meaning, opening letter of credit establishing letter of credit once letter of credit is opened, credit is established.

Are there any types of credit cards one can get if they have declared bankruptcy?

When in bankruptcy it is not possible to have a credit card. Once the terms of the bankruptcy have been met, some credit card companies will consider issuing a credit card to some people.

Types of credit?

There are four basic types of credit. Service credit is monthly payments for utilities, loans let you borrow cash, installment credit, and credit cards.

What are some of the most common types of credit cards used today?

the most credit card used now is master card

Do credit cards have letters in a credit card number?

Some credit cards have letters. Others don't have. Visa for example have a letter V superimposed.

What is a commodities letter of credit?

It is a Letter of Credit covering commodities.

What are the different types of a letter?

There are so many different types of a letter. Some of the common letters include appointment letter, admission letter, application letter, resignation letter and dismal letter among others.

All the clauses of letter of credit?

Banking organizations usually write letter of credit. The purpose of the letter of credit is so that you don't have to put down a deposit. This deposit could be for an electric company or any such place. You do need good credit to get a letter of credit.

Buyers credit - Letter of credit?

A red clause letter of credit is similar to a letter of Credit which is written to state or confirm the availability of funds for a particular transaction between the seller and buyer. However, a clause is included in the letter stating that the stated amount or credit can be advanced immediately on showing the letter.

How does the process of a letter of credit work?

Getting a letter of credit will help make a case for your character. With a letter of credit, banks will look at you as a favorable borrower.

How do you discount a letter of credit?

HelloMost banks discount your letter of credit at rate of 3% to 20% but n our case we have a very strong relationship with our bank and we can for certainty discount your letter of credit at 75-80%.Please contact me if you need to discount your letter of credit or can have a letter of credit issued .my

What is RDLC one type of letter of credit?

Revolving Documentary Letter of Credit

How do you calculate letter of credit need?

100000 letter of credit interest rate

Do credit unions accept certificates of deposits?

Credit unions offer different types of certificates of deposits. Some credit unions have certificate of deposits as rewards or promotions for customers or as an add on product.

How can you get a letter of credit?

Buyer (the importer) has to contact their bank (called issuing bank) to establish a letter of credit in favor of seller (importer) through importer bank (also called advising bank) to get a letter of credit, bank will keep some marginal amount as deposit.

How many different types of credit cards?

I think there are about 50 (or more) different types of credit cards in the world.

What are some good zero balance transfer credit cards?

Some of the best 0% balance transfer credit cards are offered by Discover, Citi, Barclaycard, and US Bank. These types of credit cards can help aid one if they wish to save money and pay off credit card debt.

What is a divisible letter of credit?

Never heard of it. Perhaps it's a mistranslation of "transferable letter of credit"- which is a letter of credit in which the whole or part of the payment can be transferred from the payee to a 3rd party.

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