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"Seals are fast swimmers, and spend most of the year in the sea. Harp seals migrate south in the autumn and north in the summer, which can be a journey of up to 8,000 km total. They can also move very quickly across the ice. Harp seals are known to eat at least 67 different species of fish and 70 species of invertebrates. The diets of these diverse eaters also vary according to age, season, location, and year. Despite claims to the contrary, it is clear that Atlantic cod, including the northern cod stock, are only a minor component of the annual harp seal diet." You can check out this link to also find more information and facts on Harp Seals: (Bibliography) Global Action Network. "Global Action Network: Animals: Harp Seals." Global Action Network: Home. 25 May 2009 . Good luck! ❤

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That a harp seal can go as deep as 100 meters deep.

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The Harp seal's range includes the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans. This an earless seal that feeds mainly on fish. Its life span is between 10 and 30 years in the wild.

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Q: What are some unusual characteristics of harp seals?
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