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mars has volcanoes

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Q: What are some unusual features on Mars?
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What unusual features does Mars have?

possibility of water

Does mars have any unusual features?

Mars does have a few unusual features. Some include its red color and polar ice caps. There are also areas of this planet that change color which is a unique feature.

Does Mars have rings or any other unusual features?

There are many unusual features of the planet Mars. The planet is known for its unusual color of rust. The planet also has huge volcanoes.

Is Mars obit unusual?

Mars's orbit is not unusual.

What are some unusual features of jupiter?


What were some of the unusual features of the ichthyosaurs and the plesiosaurs?

It was herbivorous

What are some special features found in mars?

the face on mars and its rocky landscape

What are some unusual land features in Georgia?

wat is georgi

Special features on mars?

Some of the special features of Mars include it has the tallest mountain in the solar system. Mars is a desert planet and has no water above its surface.

What are some of the distinguishing features on Mars?

pock marks

Is Mars unusual?


Do killer whales have unusual features?

no, there is other mammals that have most unusual features

What is two unusual land features in Pennsylvania?

two unusual land features in pennsylvania are two land features that are unusual or in other words deformed

What are some unusual features that Venus has?

its fat and wierd and redish ,orange

What are some unusual features of a t-rex?

Their unusually short arms

What are some interesting features of Mars?

Mars has a ravine which is the first ravine found on a different planet.

Does Mars have any special features?

no there are no special features found on mars...

Does Mars have unusual features?

Well, Mars has the largest mountain in our solar system, Olympus Mons. Mars also has the largest canyon in our solar system, called Valles Marineris. Mars also has a Borealis Basin which covers 40% of it's surface area.

Are their unusual features on Saturn?


What are some features of Mars?

iron-oxide rocks (Red rocks)

What are some unusual features of Chile?

It is very extoic and there are very many undiscovered areas

Do all sentient species have unusual features?

Yes. All sentient species do have unusual features. But for now, it is unknown.

What are some physical features on mars?

scientist said there was once water before

What features on Mars was considered by some evidence of life on Mars?

astronemers have found ice deep beneath the surface of mars that leads them to belive that water once flowed on mars

Unusual features on Venus?

its prite