What are some urban legends?

1. Long ago, a little girl named Mary grew very ill and went into a deep coma. The old doctor did not know any better and thought she was dead. They had a funeral and buried the girl alive. She was buried very close to her home, and on the first night, Mary's mother thought she hear Mary screaming from her grave. Days later, her mother convinced the family to dig her up. They found Mary dead, but saw scratches on the coffin lid and Mary's fingernails were bloody from trying to get out of the grave. The superstition connected to this story is if on Friday 13th at midnight, you can turn off all the lights in your house, look into a mirror and say "Bloody Mary" 5 times and she will appear in the mirror. When that happens. you should turn on the light or she will stab you in the back. There are many different versions of this story, which has changed many times over the years as it was handed down from generation to generation.

2. This legend seems to originate from the early 1900's. The story goes that a train track was laid over a cave in Canton, Pennsylvania. The train didn't come through there very often, so this seven year old little girl decided she wanted to ride her bike on the train tracks. She was having fun going fast, zooming over the bumps in the tracks and didn't realize a train was coming. She heard the train whistle and turned to look and her bike hit a rock and she fell off her bike. Her knees were skinned and she started crying. She heard the whistle again, and realized the train was coming at her, but she couldn't get up off the tracks because hher dress was caught in the tracks. She broke a bottle laying on the ground and began to saw at her ddress with a piece of the glass. When her dress was cut loose, she fell through to the cave below and into water. She was barely alive and dragged herself as far as she could, then crawled into nearby crevice and died. It is said to this day you can hear her moans echoing throught the cave and if you go into the cave at midnight, she will follow you around the cave begging you to stay with her.

3. This legend is about a half man, half goat. The story goes that he came about when a scientist was doing a top-secret experiement approved by the government. The experiment was to improve human's physical abilities. Something went horribly wrong in his experiment; a power failure occured and something was mixed in error. In the aftermath, the scientist had become part man and part goat. Because of his horrible looks, he developed a special hatred for young good-looking teenagers and he became dedicated to killing them. He either jumps on top of their cars to scare them or sometimes disables their cars and drags them with him deep into the forst where he eats them.