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What are some uses of radioisotopes?

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Radioisotopes can be picked up by PET scans, & so they're used in some medical investigations; here are two examples: # Radioisotopes injected into the blood stream to show which parts of the brain are most active (& therefore demand the greatest supply of blood) during a certain task. # A radioisotope attached to a molecule (e.g. a drug) which is known to bind only to certain receptor sites in the body; the PET scan can show where those receptor sites are, or whether there are the expected number of such sites present.

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Elements in radioisotopes and their uses?

what are the radioisotopes elements and their uses in industry?

Biological uses of radioisotopes?

radioisotopes are used to label biomolecules and microbes so that they can be quantified

Is there Uses of radioisotopes in weapons of war?


Uses of radioisotopes in the field of medicines?

used in some medicines relatead to gene therapy to diagnoise the disease

How is radioisotopes used in nuclear reactors?

Radioisotopes for many uses (e.g. medical, industrial, scientific) are produced in nuclear reactors.

Uses of radioisotopes in diagnosis and therapy?

i have no idea what so ever SSSOOORRRRRRYYY!!!!!!

What are example of radioisotopes and their uses in chemistry?

An example of a radioisotope would be radiation treatment for cancer. Radioisotopes are used in chemistry to destroy cell mutations through radiation. Chemotherapy is also a way in which radioisotopes are used in medicine.

Are radioisotopes salts?

Radioisotopes are not salts but salts may contain radioisotopes.

What are uses of neutrons?

In nuclear science, neutrons are used to create different types of radioisotopes for medical uses or other uses Changes the atomic mass of an element creating isotopes

What are some of the positive effects or uses of nuclear chemistry?

The positive uses of nuclear chemistry is its application in the medical field for imaging. It is a very useful diagnostic tool. Radiation and radioisotopes also have applications in agriculture for insect control.

What are uses for nuclear changes?

Production of electricity in power plants, also use of radioisotopes in medicine and industry.

What is the medical industrial uses of the following radioisotopes of chromium?

The isotope chromium-53 is used in isotopic geology for dating.

How are radioisotopes different from isotopes?

Radioisotopes are radioactive and unstable isotopes.

What are the two medical applications of radioisotopes?

- radiodiagnostic- treatment with radioisotopes

What are the radioisotopes used in forensic science?

the radioisotopes are used to determine age of the deceast.

Harmful effects of radioisotopes?

Radioisotopes can emit harmful radiations that can cause cancer.

What are the practical uses of radiation from certain isotopes?

Uses of radioisotopes:- medical diagnostic or treatment- source of energy- radiochemical reactions- measuring thickness of foils- sterilization of foods and medical items- etc.

How many radioisotopes appeared after explosion on hiroshima and nagasaki?

About 3.2 Radioisotopes in both bombings.

Is a dirty bomb a nuclear weapon?

No, a dirty bomb is a radiological weapon. It simply uses conventional explosives to scatter radioisotopes over an area.

What is the kinds of radioisotopes?

I have had a radioisotopes scan for chronic pain in my back and legs. What will show u on the scan?

How are radioisotopes and isotopes similar?

Radioisotopes and stable isotopes of the same element have the same number of protons.

What radioisotopes used for medical purposes they can be detected in the body by their radiation?

All radioisotopes can be detected by their radiation.

When is radioisotopes discovered?

Radioactivity was discovered in the late 19th century. Radioisotopes have been discovered ever since then.

Where is radioactive decay on earth?

everywhere, from the center of the core to the top of the atmosphere there are radioisotopes of some element

What is the uses of nuclear energy?

The production of electricity using nuclear reactors, propulsion of ships and submarines, nuclear weapons, production of radioisotopes for medical and industrial use