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There are many dangerous animals that can harm a human. The most obvious ones are the larger ones such as lions and tigers. However, smaller animals such as stray dogs can also be dangerous.

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Q: What are some very dangerous animals to humans?
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Are you allowed to have a pet chipmunk in Ohio?

You are not allowed to have a pet chipmunk in Ohio. This is because these animals are very dangerous to humans.

Who lives longer animals or humans?

Some animals can live very long, but not many. Humans mostly age longer most animals.

Are transgenic animals dangerous?

The animals themselves are not likely dangerous. However, the science of creating them is debatable. Some feel that these animals will help us find treatments or cures for cancers. Some feel that we should not genetically alter animals at all for any reason. Some feel very strongly that no animal, transgenic or otherwise, should be tested on, that it is cruel, and some fear the possibility of this science being unethically used on humans.

What is the major reason spraying with DDT and for banning it?

DDT is a very useful insecticide but also is dangerous for humans and animals.

Are bugs dangerous?

No bugs are not dangerous but, some bugs can be very harmful to people, animals, and other bugs too.

How dangerous or damaging are volcanoes typically for humans?

very dangerous

Are tigers safe to us?

Typically no. They are very dangerous animals and have killed many humans through the years. Tigers also kill livestock.

Are polar bears dangerous animals?

yes they are very dangerous animals fact: all bears are dangerous

Why are animals smarter than humans?

Animals are not "smarter" than humans. Animals do have a certain level of intelligence, and some are able to communicate in rudimentary ways, some in very complex ways that we have yet to understand. They are, however, not more intelligent.

Are meerkats dangerous?

No they are not very dangerous especially to humans they are pretty friendly.

Are meerkats dangerous to humans?

No meerkats are very friendly around humans.

How do humans use animals?

Some humans use animals in very bad ways such as for fur coats, to test them for hair products or diseases, and sometimes just for a good housepet

Are spotted salamanders dangerous to humans?

Spotted salamanders secrete a very mild toxin from there skin which is NOT DANGEROUS TO HUMANS OR PETS

Are angler fish dangerous to humans?

They are small fish that live in the very deepest parts of the ocean. Of course they are not dangerous to humans.

Why is a lion on everybody's list of animals to see?

Because we are told it is the 'King of Beasts', and it is a very dangerous predator. It is a very beautiful, dangerous predator. The lion was made famous by the Lion King movies and as humans, we are attracted to danger and beauty.

What are uncombined halogens?

It is very dangerous to humans.

How is Actinium dangerous to the animals?

Actinium is dangerous because is very radioactive.

Why lions are one of the dangerous animals?

Lions are very dangerous animals. They are fast so there is no way to get out of a lion chasing you.

Do animals know what you are saying if you cant speak to them?

Some animals are very good at "reading" humans. Most notably canines (dogs).

Are walrus dangerous?

They are very slow uncaring animals. If you upset it in any way the yes it can be very dangerous.

Why is flytipping bad for the environment?

It pollutes the land and the waterways. It's very dangerous to animals due to the toxic materials or chemicals. It's also unsafe for humans.

Why do animals go against humans?

Animals tend to attack humans only when they feel threatened, though some may do so because they are very hungry and in packs e.g. hyenas.

How do dolphins relate to humans?

Dolphins are very good with humans. They are very trusted animals.

Why are volcanoes so dangerous to humans?

Volcanoes are very dangerous to humans in particular because of the poisonous vapors and the amazingly high temperature, as well as the fact that they tend to be very unpredictable!!

Is miracle grow poisonous to humans?

Yes...very dangerous read the ingredients. They are all man made chemicals that are toxic to animals and humans and it kills the soil. You should only use certified organinic products.