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turn off lights when they are not in use

use energy saving bulbs

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Ways to save electricity?

Turn things, such as the lights, off.

What are some slogans for saving electricity?

Save Electricity, SEEK THE LIGHT AND SPREAD IT. Save a watt to save a lot!

Ways to save electricty?

Ways to save electricity. 1. Use energy efficient light bulbs. 2. Turn off lights when not needed. (try letting the sun light in through windows) 3. Take 5 min shower. a few ways to save electricity.

What types of electricity saver ideas are available?

There are many ways to save electricity. One way to save electricity is to be mindful of one's surroundings, meaning turn lights of when leaving a room or turning off items that are not in use. Another way to save electricity is to use items that use less electricity or have the energy star logo on it.

What are some good published guides to saving on gas and electricity?

Some great sites available to save on electricity include and You can also find tips to save through your local electric company's website.

How could you and your family save electricity in your own home 10 ways?

absent to complete the lecture

Why do we need to save electricity?

in order for us to save our lifes then we have to save electricity

Is Electricity good?

Well, in some ways Yes. But in the other ways no. It can be good, it can be bad. But it is important that you reduce the use of the electricity

What are the slogans for saving electricity?

save electricity save future

What would be the best way to save electricity?

some good ways to save electricity are... -make sure your appliences are energy saving -instead of putting the heater on in winter, put on an extra jumper or blanket, it wont just save electricity, but save money too! -if you are not using something, turn it off-remember; if the standby light is on your television or computer, electricity is still being used for that item. -try some energy efficient light globes, they use less power to function. -don't wait around for earth hour, save electricity by turning off your lights at least once a week for one hour. hope these helped.

How is magnetisim electricity?

because they are the same in some ways

What are some ways you can save the rain forest?

you can save it by not killing any trees there.

Top ten slogans to save electricity?

Save electricity as it is very precious

Why do you need to save electricity?

we need to save electricity so we dont get polluted .

Why save electricity?

As a modern society, electricity is considered essential for the everyday aspects of our life. We use electricity for almost everything we do on daily basis. save electricity is means save money.

Importance of saving electricity?

Saving electricity is very important for the planet. Not to mention it will save you some money as well.

Steps to save electricity?

There are many ways to save electricity. A few examples are to take showers instead of baths, wash clothes in cold water, unplug appliances not in use, and switch to CFL lighting instead of incandescent bulbs.

Are fossil fuels used to make electricity?

Some electricity is made by burning fossil fuels, but there are other ways to make electricity.

Do We Need All Of The Lights?

There are plenty of ways to reduce an electricity bill for an apartment. It can truly be a wise choice to try to reduce an electricity bill for an apartment if a person needs to do so. A person can save hundreds of dollars by doing something as simple as unplugging a computer or printer. By unplugging these sorts of appliances a person can save hundreds of dollars every year on electricity bill expenses. There are also other ways people can reduce electricity bills, and this article will explain those sorts of ways a person can save. A person may be able to save on an electricity bill by remembering to shut off the lights in his or her apartment before leaving for work in the morning. Also, if a person is doing work on a computer, then he or she should only leave one or two lights on, as opposed to a whole house full of lights. By leaving only one or two lights on, this will save plenty of energy throughout the house. This is one of the best ways to save money.

What are some ways to save money on transportation with such high gas prices?

Gas prices are very high these days, so we always are looking for ways to save. Some great ways to save is by riding a bike when possible, or car pooling when you have to use a car.

What are some ways to save on groceries?

Some good ways to save on groceries is to look for promotions or coupons to use on different items. You can also save money by buying "white brand" instead of popular products.

How to save Electric Bill?

In today's tough times, most consumers are looking for ways to save money on their electricity bill. One of the easiest ways to save money on your electricity bill is to switch electricity providers. Many states now have a deregulated electricity market, and consumers can usually save from 5% - 15% on their bill by switching to a cheaper suppier. Another quick and easy way to save money on the electricity bill is to change the air filters in your central air unit. Studies have shown that a clean air filter can increase the efficiency of a central air unit by up to 20%; the central air unit is the largest energy user in most houses, and increasing its efficiency can add up to huge savings on the electricity bill.

How many ways do you use electricity?

There are infinite ways to use electricity.

Reasons to save Electricity?

you need to save electricity because of following reasons: - 1. Like every thing in this world comes for a cost, so electricity generation also takes money. therefore, save electricity, save money. 2. the more you save, it will prove fruitfull when you need it the most i.e. in your emergency time. supposingly you are in middle of a work and power failure is there, so save electricity. 3. to generate electricity, most of our fosil fuels are burnt and thus slowly getting exhausted. so save electricity, save fossil fuels and save various sources of energy.

What are the ways to conduct electricity?

well some conductors of electricity are most metals and wood could conduct electricity so you could put them together to make electricity