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Q: What are some ways we can help keep air clean?
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What are six ways to keep the environment clean?

Six ways YOU can help the environment stay clean are-Stop pollutingPutting your rubbish in the binPutting your pets in-side at nightPutting collars with bells on your pets so as to give birds and other animals warning so they don't get hurt or eatenMaking donations to programs and societies so they can help the environmentEncouraging your friends to do the same

what should drivers do to prevent from air pollution?

their are many ways to prevent air pollutionfirst is to keep your environment clean and do not keep your environment dirty.

What are some good ways to help the earth?

Some ways to help the earth is to recycle anything that can be recycled and also you volunteer.

What happens when there is no clean water?

Then people use dirty water, and get sick. That's why it is so important to help people learn how to clean their own water where possible (for instance by boiling it), or provide ways for rural communities to have access to clean water.

What are ways to prevent environmental problems?

There are many ways we can prevent environmental problems, especially Global Warming. Common and simple ways we can help save our environment are as follows: 1. Stop using spray products with CFC's 2. Stop burning wastes especially non-biodegradables. 3. Protest against big industries producing too much carbon into the atmosphere. 4. Support our leaders in their struggle to implement rules regarding the protection of our environment. 5. As individuals, the only thing we can help prevent environmental problems is to keep our environment clean. Get your hands dirty, pick up dirt.

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What are ways you can help outerspace?

Stay out of it and keep it clean.

What are some ways to keep germs out of your body?

We have to make our body clean by continous washing

What are some really good ways to help the earth?

You see rubish on the ground you pick it up and put it into the bin, dont litter, keep your area of the town clean of no rubish...

How can one keep a family healthy?

One can help to keep a family healthy in many ways. The most important aspect of health is sanitation. Keeping surfaces and hands clean will help decrease the spread of bacteria.

What are the ways to clean and maintain peacefulness of the barangay?

Ways to clean and maintain peacefulness of the barangay is to have people corporate and work together. Replace anything that is broken, or worn out. Make the area look nice, this will inspire others to want to keep the area clean. Hold meetings, let those in the area get to know one another. This will help to keep things peaceful.

Are Marine Biologists important to Earth Science?

They are extremely important. They help find ways to keep the ocean clean, they discover sea animals and they help the marine animals stay safe.

What are some of the ways scientist have cleaned up the water?

What are some of the ways scientists clean water? What are some of the ways scientists clean water? What are some of the ways scientists clean water?

What are some actions that can be taken to help prevent water form becoming polluted?

Okay.. Clean out the water ways or stop polulluting it....

Ways that will help increase hawaiian monk seals?

clean up

Whats r some ways you can keep your skin clean and healthy?

Clean it everyday, in the morning and at night and after you wash it use witch Hazel on a Cotton ball all over your face and neck.

Who can help keep the environment clean?

It is important for every human being on Earth to help keep the environment clean. If everybody did just a few things to consciously help the environment, the impact would be enormous. Some ways that a person can consciously help the environment are choosing not to litter, cleaning up other people's litter, separating recyclables, re-using plastic bags, dumping all oils and cleaners appropriately, and reducing the amount of gas that their cars consume per week.

What is your concept of the clean house?

Some ways to describe a clean house include:tidyorganizedspotlesssanitized