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you can save it by not killing any trees there.


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1planting trees after cutting down one 2stop the pollution 3stop killing the animals if you or you know some one who does the opposite of these things please stop and save the rain forest more carbon dioxide and less oxygen we must save earth and man kind Ty

The rain forest is being destroyed by destruction.

by using less paper and replanting trees

Two ways rain forests are threatened are:they are being cut downthey are being used for farmingThree ways rain forests are used are:to sell expensive woodto develop new medicinesfor lumber companies.

they are both wet and have a warm climate they also they contain an abundance of life

One of the ways a rain forest is endangered is when people cut down trees.The rain forest are endangered because people cut down trees that destroy the animals habitat.

one cutting down trees two killing the animals

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Some ways we can save polar bears is by recycling. We can also help them get back to shore safely when we find them in Hudson's Bay.

the trees to make homes or fire and i dont know the other one because in dumb like that and i love you your cute

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Spray base chemicals in the clouds?

Humans are always cutting down the trees to have more space to build stuff.

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