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Copy (colors like myspace but as twitter!) yuwie



cafemom(if you're a mom)








yuwie is not a website u would want to go to it is for buying movies only u can log in and log out on it and that's personally i tried it

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โˆ™ 2011-02-20 05:52:00
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Q: What are some websites like MySpace?
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What are some websites like facebook?

Myspace and Twitter is all I can think of.

What are some fun websites for teens like MySpace and facebook?


What are some websites like Twitter?


What are some websites like Facebook or myspace but for kids?

Poptropica and Club Penguin are two.

What are some cool websites like facebook?

Twitter,MySpace,Well those are the most popular.

What are some websites like MySpace but for 11 year old girls?

meez,hi5,and facebook

What are websites like femmunity?

it woulkd depend on what you liek myspace myspace all the way is so bad

Are there websites like MySpace for kids twelve and under?


How can you get 1k a day on MySpace?

W4Wing. Or websites. Like

What other websites are like MySpace or facebook?

i think twitter

Are there any teen websites like kidzworld?

Myspace and/or Facebook.

What websites for preteens to chat?

Do you mean like facebook or myspace.

What are some websites for kids that are like MySpace?

Yuniti is one and it includes a good Parent's Guide.

What are some websites you can interact with people on?

Myspace. Facebook. Bebo.

Can the ipod touch go into websites like MySpace?

Yes. If you upgrade to version 2.0 there is a free app for myspace

What is are some websites to tag pictures?

Some are FaceBook, MySpace and MSN profiles...

Are there websites out there for men who like to date fat women?

yeah myspace.

Where can one find more information about long MySpace surveys?

A variety of websites offer long surveys that can be used on MySpace. Some of these websites are Long Surveys, Bzoink, My Survey Vault, and MySpace Survey Fun.

What are some websites designed for teens?

Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter.

What are some examples of portal websites?

Portals websites on internet are : Myspace Baidu Wikipedia Yahoo Google

Websites like myspace and facebook?

Could be twitter and instagram!

What type of websites get hacked?

many many websites get hacked but the most common one for teenagers is myspace facebook and other websites like that

Websites like Facebook and MySpace? really it is just like facebook You may also try Its like wikianswers, youtube, facebook and myspace put together.

Game sites that are not blocked by?

If your computer has a block on some websites for like myspace and things like that...go to and then change the http forum to https okay?!

What are some websites for kids under the age of 13 similar to MySpace?