What are some well recognized schools to attend for the field of computer repair?


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(Note: these are not the best schools, they are just a list)

ITT Technical Institute

Devry University

University of Maryland University College.

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Attached is a link for the schools available for computer repair certification in Ohio,

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Computer repair schools cost can vary. Costs start from around $100 for "Local Classes" provided by Jr. Colleges/Adult education upto and including several thousand dollars a year if you go to a specialized school It typically costs 1-2k dollars american to attend computer repair schools online.

User Avatar, on this website, you'll be able to find everything from simple computer repair articles and computer repair videos, to a some of the best computer repair courses.

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According to my research, Iowa has 13 schools that offer computer repair courses. A few would be University of Phoenix, University of Northern Iowa and Saint Ambrose University.

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