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(Note: these are not the best schools, they are just a list)

ITT Technical Institute

Devry University

University of Maryland University College.

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Q: What are some well recognized schools to attend for the field of computer repair?
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What is the typical tuition at computer repair schools?

Computer repair schools cost can vary. Costs start from around $100 for "Local Classes" provided by Jr. Colleges/Adult education upto and including several thousand dollars a year if you go to a specialized school It typically costs 1-2k dollars american to attend computer repair schools online.

What schools in Iowa offer computer repair courses?

According to my research, Iowa has 13 schools that offer computer repair courses. A few would be University of Phoenix, University of Northern Iowa and Saint Ambrose University.

Where can I get computer repair cerfiication in Ohio?

iolo technologies is the world-leaderin PC tune up and optimization software including System Mechanic, Phoenix 360, Privacy Guardian, System Shield, Search & Recovery, Drive Scrubber, System Checkup & more!

Where can I learn more about computer repair?

There are some trade schools that offer certification exams. The A-Plus certification deals with the mechanical parts of a computer.

Do computer retail store like Best Buy offer computer repair training?

Yes, they do. You can attend training sessions once you work at Best Buy.

Are there any online computer repair courses?

There's quite a few schools which offer computer repair courses. However, one of the single most acclaimed right now is the Penn Foster Career School.

Computer Repair Programs ?

iolo technologies is the world-leaderin PC tune up and optimization software including System Mechanic, Phoenix 360, Privacy Guardian, System Shield, Search & Recovery, Drive Scrubber, System Checkup & more!

What are the best computer repair schools in NC? is the site you need. This will show you all the training places in your area and you can easily start your training.

Are there any pc repair schools close to Salt Lake City, Utah?

Yes. Penn Foster Career School, Mountainland Applied Technology Center, and Ogden-Webber Applied Technology College, just to name a few.

What are some cheap car repair schools?

UTI is one of the most comprehensive yet affordable schools to learn about car repair. Courses can be taken on the schools website also.

What is registry repair and what does it do?

A registry repair is a program which you run on your computer, and it will repair an problems with corrupt files, or damaged software packages on your computer.

Where can one find onsite computer repair in the London?

Computer Place has onsite computer repair available and they are located in Finchley, London. Computer Repair also has onsite repair and is located on Albert Mews Street in London.

Where can I find appliance repair schools?

Schools teaching the proper skills to repair appliances do exist. Appliance repair training is available both online and hands-on in person. After completing an appliance repair course, you can be a certified technician.

Is there a computer repair in Palm Beach Gardens?

yes:Computer Medic CenterBallard ComputerDelray Beach Computer RepairGarden Computer ServicesGarden Computer Repair

What are some good small engine repair schools?

There are some Engine Repair Schools in the U.S. The city that have more schools is Florida and there is a page where you can find a lot of information about it called

What is a computer repair person do?

Computer Repair servicemen both repair and service your broken computer. They can fix the hardware or software of the computer. The either replace the broken part or they can repair it by restarting the specific program. They mainly have the knowledge of the entire computer layout on the inside and out. They have the smarts to know many computer languages such as HTML5, C#, and C++. All of these areas go into the intelligence of a computer repair man. An example of a really good online repair man would be Tech4Tuition (, they fixed my computer for only 50 cents!

Where are collision repair schools?

The site offers a list of autobody collision repair schools found all over the United States.

What is the best school for automotive repair in California?

There are several great automotive repair schools in California. One of the leading schools is the Universal Technical Institute.

Are there schools that offer pc repair courses?

Yes, there a many schools which offer PC repair courses, although it is impossible to say which one will be nearest to you.

How to Choose the Best Computer Repair Schools?

The expansion of the Internet has increased the need for knowledgeable computer repair technicians. The millions of consumers who purchased computers during this expansion will soon face the day when they need to have their computer repaired. Trained computer technicians are always in great demand, and the shortage of trained technicians provides more opportunities for new graduates. Finding the best computer training is not difficult, but the following list of steps is a great timesaver: 1. Consider Costs Receiving excellent computer repair training does not have to come with a high price tag. There are many 2-year programs available at community universities that have accelerated learning programs. Pursuing a 4-year degree program is not necessary to learn computer repair. A community or technical college is the perfect place to begin a course of study due to the lower costs involved. 2. Technological Advancements The advancements in digital components and technology change constantly. An updated course of study will always include the latest advancements in computer repair technology. Due to digital technology, the computer system components can become obsolete quickly. Learning to repair obsolete components is not a part of modern computer repair technology. A trained technician that is able to repair the latest technological components will receive the best job outlook. 3. Testing Tools Failed components can be easily traced by using computer diagnostic tools. These testing tools are used throughout the career of a computer repair technician. A device can be diagnosed quickly, and the appropriate repair scenario can be completed. The excellent computer repair schools include testing tools and equipment in the total price of tuition. These tools are normally expensive to purchase separately. The technician keeps their tools after the training is completed. 4. Job Placement Assistance A recent graduate will require the assistance of the computer repair schools when reviewing job offers. Many computer repair schools offer job placement assistance to help their new graduates receive employment quickly. Internship programs, apprentice programs, and temporary work positions can be completed during the course of study. These job placement services are an easy way to gain long-term employment after graduation. A trained computer technician can earn up to $50,000 per year.

Where can one purchase computer repair tools?

Computer repair tools can be purchased from computer hardware stores such as Microcenter and online from stores such as Newegg. Computer repair tools can also be purchased from most all-purpose hardware stores.

Choosing Auto Repair Colleges?

Without a doubt, auto repair colleges are a great choice for many individuals. These schools are becoming even more popular in this day and age. A student will want to attend a college that offers the best training with the most experienced technicians. Anything less than that will not benefit someone looking for an auto repair career. In the end, there are a lot of great schools and plenty of poor choices on top of that.

Where can I avail for an appliance repair school?

There are thousands of online and trade school appliance repair schools. Some of the schools are hands-on and other are distance learning. Find your style of learning and choose from a variety of schools.

Is it possible to learn laptop computer repair in community college?

This depends what type of community college you want to attend. There are many different types of computer majors at any community college and may not be specifically laptop computer repair, but this knowledge may be learned through taking a computer major. You need to search community colleges in your area and what types of majors they use. College Finder is a great website for this.