What are some white people jokes?

Redneck Joke 502: You might be a redneck if you throw a beer can out the truck window and your wife shoots it.

Q:What do you call a Scots woman with one leg?
A: Eileen.

Q: How did the white boy come out of the grocery store with a six pack?
A: He walked in and payed for it.

Q: Why don't whites tell that many good jokes anymore?
A: They want to keep their jobs.

Q: What do you call it when whites riot?
A: A hockey victory.

Q: Why do whites own so many pets these days?
A: President Lincoln made it illegal to own people.

Q: Why can't white folks jump?
A: They're too busy making jokes like these.

What do you call a bunch of white people jumping out of a plane? Snow.

Why don't white people like to swim? Because crackers get soggy when they're wet.