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Lock them in a room by themselves with their homework and dont let them come out until they have finished.

It worked for me!

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Q: What are some work restrictions for teenagers?
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Are teenagers given enough guidance?

I am a social worker and think that some teenagers are not given enough guidance and that teenagers are not to blame for there actions as they do not have enough guidance. Teenagers these days do not have enough restrictions or boundaries to tell them the when they should stop doing what they are doing. I also think that if teenagers were given the right amount of guidance teenagers would not be easy targets for the media and would be achieving more.

Are child labor law job restrictions different for homeschooled teenagers in California?


Do teenagers today have life easier than teenagers fifty years ago?

Yes and No, some teenagers live in a very remote part of the u.s., some just choose not to work or do anything for that matter.

What restrictions on rights does a sixteen year od have?

Well the only thing I could find was a lot of driving restrictions to a sixteen year old but here id the site to look for more just in case I missed some thing. hoped this helped.

How did children and teenagers live their everyday lives in 1882?

children and teenagers do waste their time by roaming on streets. Its not like that but some did work in mines and factories

Do children and teenagers hate age restrictions?

Hate is such a strong word... dislike greatly, I would have to agree with...

How does rap music affect teenagers?

because some teenagers know more rap then school work and iht affects them because most rap has foul language which id not a good thing for teenagers

Do teenagers hunt for Easter eggs?

Some teenagers do, and some do not.

What are some recommended summer jobs for teenagers that are in high school?

Teenagers can work in fast food restaurants, mowing yards, as a bellboy in a hotel, or bussing tables at a restaurant.

How old do you have to be to work at a Kroger in Indiana?

The law says the youngest a person can work is 16 years old. With a work permit, some places allow teenagers to work at 15.

What restrictions are there on the types of work permissible for children of various ages?

What restrictions are there on the types of work permissible for children of various ages?

Where were Jewish teenagers kept during the Holocaust?

Kids under 14 were usually gassed and teenagers aged 14+ had to do heavy manual work. (At some stages in the Holocaust the age waS 15),