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What are suggestions for improving WikiAnswers?

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Please use our forum to submit your ideas.

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Improving WikiAnswersOpinions from our users:I would say categorizing and cleaning up flagged answers.

Pretty much anyone would take the time to improve WikiAnswers, such as yourself, because merely asking a question is spending time to improve WikiAnswers. Everyone you see on WikiAnswers spends their time improving WikiAnswers - otherwise they wouldn't be here.

No, see the related link below to see what is a newsgroup WikiAnswers is something unique. WikiAnswers is a growing a Q&A information resource through people asking questions, answering questions, and improving upon answers.

Suggestions from the WikiAnswers community:"Viva la vegetarians!""Animals are not for eating"

the format, the improving methods and the contributors is something above the rest.

really, my name is yelah so it is also a name hehehe PS this is someone improving the answer not the creator of wikianswers:)

Please see the related links section for some of WikiAnswers contributors suggestions.

You can make a suggestion by submitting to the Suggestion Box in the Community Forum located in the link below.

You can post it in the Suggestion Box forum in the Community Forum.

WikiAnswers owner Chris Whitten started the site (as FAQ Farm), but WikiAnswers is "authored" by its community of users. As WikiAnswers Contributors, we ask and answer each other's questions. You might say, "We the people of the Internet are the authors of this site." Most of the users of WikiAnswers are dedicated to building and improving the site.

Also known as FAYT (Find As You Type), the suggestions have disappeared (as you noticed) for a time, but they will be implemented back into the system later on. Testing needs to be done regarding that.

People answer questions on WikiAnswers because we are committed to make this site better and better by answering questions and improving questions.

WikiAnswers is evolving and improving permanently. The team in charge of technical changes and the team who plans and proposes improvements are striving, permanently, to enhance and improve the interface and the interactivity of all users, readers and contributors of the WikiAnswers website.

I've found answering questions on WikiAnswers is the best boredom reducer there is! And if you get tired of answering questions, you can always edit, by improving the spelling, grammar, etc. Be warned though, WikiAnswers can be addictive!

well not you because you are spending your spare time in class or at home looking up stuff and improving on wikianswers

Go to the Supervisors' forum and click on "Feature Suggestions." See the Related Link below.

WikiAnswers is already rather popular. On most search engines, such as Bing or Google, if you ask a question, the WikiAnswers result should appear as one of the first couple of options for you to click on. There are also WikiAnswers blankets, hats, and other items to show your gratefulness to WikiAnswers. ____ WikiAnswers is always trying to attract more users by answering more questions, and improving answers that we already have.

I believe it was removed upon maintenance of the new website, there is a community forum now with a board for suggestions though.

WikiAnswers' higher Supervisors are the ones who take in the suggestions and add them, regular members do not add categories or sub-categories.

The awnser may be already awnsered or you've put a rude awnser abd someone reported abuse.

Sure. You can write an email to The Administrators welcome feedback and would love to hear your ideas and suggestions. Many times this is how they get ideas for updates to the site.

Chris Whitten designed WikiAnswers. It was originally created as "FAQ Farm: the question and answer co-op" in 2002. The system was completely changed in 2004 when we customized a version of Wikipedia's Mediawiki software. In 2006 the site was renamed WikiAnswers and became part of It has never stopped evolving and improving.

The answers are improving on a lot of questions. I think for the ones that aren't improving, they are getting less visitors, so there is less likelihood of someone making a good change. The wiki idea still holds... it is just a much, much different time and visitor scale than something like wikipedia.

Wikipedia works by people writing articles and others editing and improving them, just like people on WikiAnswers ask, answer, and edit and improve answers.

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