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Sweatshirt is another word for a hoodie or jumper and track pants are another word for trakkie bottoms or tracksuit bottoms, a peice of clothing worn on your bottom half for mainly sport

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Q: What are sweatshirts and track pants?
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Can you where track pants to school?

I usually wear track pants (I'm in High School) and no one stops me. A lot of kids wear track pants and other sportswear.

What kinds of clothing are considered to be workout clothes?

Workout clothes are generally loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that is at least somewhat durable and allows for easy movement. Sweatpants, track pants, and shorts are common bottom garments, while t-shirts, sweatshirts, track suits, and rash guards are common tops.

Where can I find cheap track pants? here is the link where you can find cheap and tight track pants and with some special offers.

Where can I buy sexy track pants for women?

Ebay has a variety of track pants which may be helpful: The good side is that they are not too expensive either!

Is Dick's Sporting Goods a good store to buy track pants from?

If you are have never owned a pair of track pants, but I am interested in trying them out than I would suggest Dick's Sporting Goods is a good store to buy track pants .

What kind of pants are best to wear when you are planning to overeat on thanksgiving?

sweat pants, stretch pants, jeans, overalls, track pants

What occasions would be appropriate for track pants for women?

Women may wear track pants for many occasions today. They are not relegated to exercise or during participation in athletic activities anymore. With the look of track pants looking more mainstream, like everyday pants, many track pants can be worn for everyday activities like chores, lounging, weekend wear, and casual Fridays at work.

Does under armor have shirts that are heat and cold gear?

A: Yes, some shirts, pants sweatshirts, etc., are specified for realeasing sweat or conserving heat.

What are the best mens pants to wear when working out?

Depending on what you like, some people like tight-fitting leggings track pants, and some people like looser track pants. In short, when you exercise, the most important thing is that the pants are comfortable to wear and can absorb sweat.

Where do you get noexss?

If its the track pants. They can be found in Sports Co

Are jeans elastic or inelastic?

Jeans are elastic since you can substitute jeans with track pants or other pants.

Is it okay to match sweatshirt to slimfit jeans for men?

Yes of course ,I have gifted sweatshirt to my boyfriend . He loves it. I order the sweatshirt from Jockey India. Explore our latest collection of winter wear like jackets for women , sweatshirts for men , thermals for women , kids socks, track pants for Men, Women, and Kids.