What are symbols?

Symbols are a picture or most of the time animal that represents something. For example, the symbols of peace is birds/doves or the symbols of being strong is muscle. The dictionary says:

Something that stands for or suggests something else by reason of relationship, association, convention, or accidental resemblance; especially : a visible sign of something invisible (the lion is a symbol of courage)

An arbitrary or conventional sign used in writing or printing relating to a particular field to represent operations, quantities, elements, relations, or qualities

An object or act representing something in the unconscious mind that has been repressed On map: Symbols are what we use everyday even if we don't know it. You see symbols when you drive, when you're at school and even at home. Symbols make things easier to understand especially when you're reading a map. On a map there are lots of different symbols. For example, if there's a church, they don't write 'CHURCH', instead they put a cross to indicate there's a church. But sometimes it's hard to remember all of the symbols so sometimes they use colours. Areas with trees are coloured in green and lakes, rivers and oceans are coloured in blue.