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What are symptoms of a thyroid condition?

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2010-08-23 03:23:24

It depends upon the thyroid condition. An underactive thyroid

occurs in a condition called hypothyroidism; this is characterized

by an insensitivity to cold, lethargy/fatigue, and weight gain. An

overactive thyroid gland, which occurs in hyperthyroidism, can

produce heat insensitivity, anxiety, weight loss, fast heart rate,

palpitations, can predispose you to heart arrhythmias.


Heat or cold intolerance; Weight gain, with hypothyroidism, or

weight loss with hyperthyroidism; Depression with hypothyroidism,

or mania/hypomania with hyperthyroidisml Fatigue with

hypothyroidism or agitation/anxiety and palpitations with

hyperthyroidism, as well as many others.

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