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What are synonyms for brew?


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boil, make, soak, steep, stew, infuse, ferment, foment, gather

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This depends on whether you mean to brew as a verb or a brew as a noun. I'll give you synonyms for the noun. A brew can also be called a concoction. A beverage is a type of brew. You could say a drink or a preparation. A brew can also be called a mixture.

it means to brew something for example to brew a cup of coffe

The Simple Dollar, wikiHow, Homebrewing, YouTube, Instructables, Popular Mechanics, How to Brew and Brew Your Own Brew are some websites a person can visit to find out how to brew his/her own beer.

brewed is an adjective. brew is a verb.

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You have to brew it. In order to brew, you need a brewing stand. Then, brew the potion you want.

One may learn how to brew beer at the following websites: 'CraftBeer', 'How to Brew', 'Homebrewers Association', 'The Homebrew Academy', 'Learn To Brew', 'BillyBrew', and 'Northern Brewer'.

No, anyone can brew beer at home.

The duration of Strange Brew is 1.5 hours.

The duration of Brew Masters is 2520.0 seconds.

The large vat was used to brew beer.

I'm guessing that by "brew" you mean herblore, the guide is below.

The word brew is usually pronounced (broo) to rhyme with do, two, and you.

Dorian Brew was born on 1974-07-19.

John Otis Brew was born in 1906.

John Otis Brew died in 1988.

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