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account, report, explanation, representation, sketch, narrative, portrayal, depiction

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Some synonyms for description are portrayal, depiction, and account.

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wordbook, vocabulary, glossary, lexicon

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My mom

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Q: What are synonyms for description?
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What are synonyms for definition?

description, interpretation, explanation, clarification, exposition, elucidation

What is another description word for supreme?

Synonyms for "supreme" are "highest," "ultimate" or "transcendent."

What are synonyms of Unclear?

Foggy, unsure, occluded, and misty all fit this description.

What is the synonyms of Explanation?

annotation, brief cause, answer, description, report, definition, interpretation, illustration, clarification

What are the synonyms for commentary?

narration, report, review, explanation, description, voice-over, critique, analysis, treatise

I want to find Synonyms for the expression in this way?

Some of the synonyms are articulation, statement, utterance, verbalization, vocalization, voice , description, portrayal, representation .

What are synonyms of the word profile?

portrait, sketch, form, figure, description, biography, analysis, study, review, survey, characterization

What information is found in typical word entry?

Language of origin, correct pronunciation, a job, job description, list of relatives, synonyms, and capitalization.

Another word for define?

Explanation is a noun meaning reason. Synonyms include specification, description, justification, exposition, and commentary. Other synonyms are interpretation and demonstration.

What is the relationship between description and explanation?

they both mean the same thing that something will be described or explained, they are just two synonyms that mean the same thing...

What is a synonym for characterized?

Characterization is a noun and means a portrayal or a description. Synonyms for characterization include representation, depiction, delineation and interpretation.

What is meant by the word moderation?

To understand the meaning of the word moderation, a perusal of the words synonyms may be helpful. Synonyms of the word moderation are: forbearance, constraint, equanimity, composer, restraint, calmness and fairness. Definition of the word moderation includes this description: avoidance of extremes or excess.