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spirit, paranormal, ghostly entity, orb, shadow figure, disembodied spirit.

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2010-03-15 23:48:06
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Q: What are synonyms for ghost?
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What is the synonyms of apparition?

Ghost. Spirit.Shade.Vision.

What is anoter name for ghost?

Synonyms: spook, specter, apparition, haunt, spirit, revenant, wraith

What is the scientific term for ghost?

Ghosts are not actually the subject of scientific inquiry, although some "ghost-hunters" like to pretend that they are. There are a number of synonyms for ghost, such as a phantom, specter, haunt, etc., but none of these is any more scientific than ghost.

What are some synonyms of the term 'originator'?

The term 'originator' can be used in many different contexts. Popular synonyms include creator, author, and composer, as well as essayist and ghost writer.

What is another word for apparition?

The word apparition (supernatural appearance) can have the synonyms spectre (specter), spirit, ghost, spook, phantom, phatasm, illusion, or delusion.

What is a synonym for ghost?

some very common synonyms are apparition, spirit, paranormal being, phantom, entity, spook, a haunt...there are more but these are the most common.

Is quick and speedy are a synonyms antonyms or homophones?

They are synonyms.

Are these words antonyms or synonyms clear - evident?


What is the synonym for genie?

The word "genie" derives from the Arabic word "Djinn", meaning "spirit." Synonyms can include spirit, angel, ghost. A leprechaun is a sort of genie, whereas he grants you a wish if you can keep your eyes on him. Other synonyms can include fortune teller, fairy, enchantor/enchantress, witch.

What are synonyms for author?

Here are some synonyms for author: biographer, columnist, composer, creator, essayist, ghost, ghostwriter, ink slinger, journalist, originator, playwright, poet, producer, prose writer, reporter, scribbler, scribe, scripter, word slinger, wordsmith, work-for-hire, writer.

Is relative and kin antonyms or synonyms?

Relative and kin are synonyms.

Are these words antonyms or synonyms disgust - dislike?

They are synonyms.

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