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What are system booting files?

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They are the files that your computer call on to start up, or "boot." without these, the computer cannot function properly.

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How do you describe booting?

sucessful startup of the computer system is called booting. It requires different files for booting like config.exe,etc.

What is meant booting as applied to computer?

Booting is the process a computer fallows by loading all necessary files to run an operating system.

How many system files will be loaded into RAM while booting?


Are there any more booting files of windows execpt these 5 booting files?


What is the partition where the Windows 2000XP operating system is stored?

boot partitionThe boot partition is the disk partition that contains the Windows operating system files and its support files, but not any files responsible for booting.

Which type of memory stores basic information for booting the computer?

There are some basic files which are needed to load in the RAM for booting the system. Coming to your question, All the boot files are loaded in the RAM while starting up the systems, and this information is temporary in nature. this information destroys everytime system shutdown.

When the computer is turned on and the operating system?

first the booting files are loaded in the RAM and these files are in the boot sector where operating system is installed . after loading these file then these files load the operating system in the RAM , some portion of RAM is Allocated by the OS. after that window is ready to perform tasks.

What are the xp bootable files?

Windows XP is a long time operating system from Microsoft. The bootable files in that OS are, autoexec.bat, win.ini, win.ini, and ntdetect.exe. There files are needed for proper booting of the OS.

What is booting up a system?

Booting up a system is turning it on and starting it up. The booting process is the process by which the computer takes charge of itself and loads up its operating system so that it is ready to use. Booting means to start. booting up a system refers to the process which a system undergoes to start the Operating System that is installed in the PC.

What is dual-booting?

Dual-booting is the process of running more than one operating system on a computer.

List of boot files in Windows XP OS?

the three files in booting files in windows xp boot.ini ntldr and

What is cool booting?

regular shut down system is called cool booting.

Summarize the booting process?

Booting is the act of switching on the computer and loading the operating system. This process is referred to as cold booting

What are the booting files of Microsoft Windows XP?


What does booting means?

Booting is the process of starting up of a computerized system. The booting process can be difficult after electrical power or simple when those power-on correctly.

Explain the two types of booting?

Cold booting occurs when the electrical power (the switch button) on the system unit is turned and warm booting occurs when the computer system restart or reset without turning off the power.

Why system beeps when you start?

It indicates that your system is starting or booting up.

What are the steps of the booting process?

steps of the booting process In single OS: The boot process starts by executing code in the first sector of the disk, MBR.The MBR looks over the partition table to find the Active Partition.Control is passed to that partition's boot record (PBR) to continue booting.The PBR locates the system-specific boot files (such as Win98's io.sys or WinXP's ntoskrnl).Then these boot files continue the process of loading and initializing the rest of the OS.

What are booting files?

boot files are executable files stored in the boot sector of your hard disk that initializes the operating system on to your computer. examples are boot.ini, ntldr etc. its has 4 way process to on the computer 1.bios 3.bsc+mbr 4.ram

Where the operating system placed in computer?

Operating system is obviously resides in computer memory which is hard disk. But the main (booting) files are loaded into ROM by bootstrap loader at the time of start of the computer. Have you ever seen your C drive (or the drive which is for system, program files). This drive is on hard disk ... so OPERATING SYSTEM PLACED MAINLY ON HARD DISK...

What are booting files of Windows XP and Windows 7?

The following booting files are required to start Windows XP: NTLDR, Boot.ini, and The following files are optional when starting Windows XP: Ntbootdd.sys and Bootsect.dos. The following files are required to start Windows 7/Vista: Bootmgr (Windows Boot Manager) and BCD (Boot Configuration Data).

List and explain types of computer booting?

There are two types of intentional booting, to the best of my knowledge. A cold boot consists of powering down the computer -- Shut Down in a Windows system. A warm boot is a restart of the operating system without powering down (in Windows, it's called Restart). Hope this helps.

What is booting in computer?

booting is the starting process to start the which the OS load in the ram. WHENEVRE you start or restart your PC then the time which uses by the operating system of PC to get its actual position, to use that in a proper way reffered that booting of that system.

What is booting a system?

Basically, it's turning on the computer.

Can you recover files by booting from the advanced options menu?

If its not accessible on the computer then no, but if you go to restore files from backup and the file is located in one of them then it should be able to be recovered.