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teens intererst in today in music really depends on their music choice but some of the artists alot of teens listen to are T.I. and Usher maybe:) and as far as fashion, all of the designer clothes like mek, ed hardy, true religion, sinful, and affliction are very popular:) For movies, it also depends on the teens preference but all of the popular movies rated pg-13 are mostly the choices and for books, they would be most likely action for guys and for girls: romance, mystery, and fantasy are all good choices. For teenage girls, i would recommend the twight series or the gallagher girl series:) -hope that answers ur question:-)

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What are the nouns in sentence books music and movies often feature new words that are then added to everyday language?

books music movies words language

Is there an internet archive for digital books and movies?

The website Archive is a non-profit archive for books, movies and also music. It is free to use and offers sections for live music, audio, books and videos.

Who is kish Carter?

A fashion designer who has designed clothes for movies, music videos, and commercials.

How do you sell Digital Goods such as Books music and movies?

There are some great locations where one can sell digital goods such as books, music, and movies. These can be sold online at locations such as Gumroad, Quixly, and E-Junkie.

What was influencing the fashion at 1980's?

The media was a huge influence on fashion in the 1980s. People copied what the celebrities wore in movies and music videos.

What is anne Frank's favorite music and favorite movies and favorite tv shows and favorite books?

favorite music- Film scene music, jazz music, classical music obviously anne liked all kinds of movies.

What was fashion designer Charlie Brown's inspiration?

charlie Brown's inspiration to design clothes were a collection Vintage clothes, Music, Old fashion movies and Traveling.

What were people's favorite movies movie stars books and music in 1999?

how to improve school

How does fashion and music relate to each other?

Fashion Can Be Ugly,and So Can Music,And Fashion Can Be hot And So Can Music!

What is ushers hobbies?

Acting , Dancing , Fashion , Hanging With Friends , Listening to Music , Singing ,Watching Movies , Working Out

How does music influence fashion examples please?

I don't think you can separate it directly. Music, movies, TV, and print all influence fashion. The most direct relationship is the rap music and the clothing sold as "rap." In the 1920's short dresses with fringe came out to dance the Charleston in and in the 1980's there was a "disco" look. Much of that look came from the movies and then went into the music scene. Not to mention western/country music has a certain look as well. So, it depends on what people listen to what fashion it influences.

What are 3 examples of poetry you find in your everyday life?

music, tv adverts, books, movies etc.

Are you goth?

I, personally, am. I have a great understanding of the Gothic subculture and a deep interest in the music, literature and fashion along with the darker side of life.

How do you upload movies to your ipod if having trouble?

If you are having trouble uploading movies to your Ipod just go to itunes and you can download movies. Also you can go to and download free movies, music, books, etc.

Does music affect fashion?

Music can affect fashion through subcultures which are into a certain kind of music. For example, the punk movement was associated with a certain type of fashion.

From which decades does the Oldies Music Video Store offer movies and videos?

The Oldies Music Video Store is an online video store, in association with Amazon, that sells music, books, movies and videos from the 50's, 60's and 70's.

What gils does Robert Pattinson likes?

fugos like Kristen Stewart! i think he doesnt really have a type, as long as he has a connection with that girl, you know have stuff in common- common interest: like music movies books political issues ect

What can you get on your iPod touch?

Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Books (Audiobooks and eBooks with iOS 4), and Apps.

How does music affect fashion in today's society?

music does not effect fashion in any way whatsoever.

Do iPads only download books?

NO... u can download other things such as music and movies.. books r one of the more cooler things in an iPad... Hope this helps!!

What are the cultural changes in Pakistan?

Some of Pakistan's cultural changes are education, movies, music and literature. The fashion has also greatly changed over the years.

What music is heard during the fashion show in Barbie a fashion fairytale?

barbie music Seb or spaz

Where can i get piano sheet music for the barbie movies especially if you love me for me from princess and the pauper?

To purchase sheet music, visit your local music store. A store that specializes in pianos would have books with sheet music for many songs.

What was one of Whitney Houston's hobbies?

By most accounts, Whitney Houston was mainly focused on music, even from a young age; she also had an interest in fashion and thought about becoming a model, but eventually chose a career as a recording artist. There is not much information about any other interests, except for music and fashion.

What is Tyson ritter's favorite hobby?

Acting , Fashion , Football , Golf , Jogging , Listening to Music , Playing an Instrument , Shopping , Singing , Watching Movies , Writing

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