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Teeth are made up of 3 hard tissues and 1 soft tissue.

The hard tissues are:

  1. Enamel - The hardest tissue in our body; has a hardness value of 350-500 KHN (Knoop Hardness Number)
  2. Dentin - Hard tissue which is harder than bone but not enamel. Hardness value is 60-70 KHN. Dentin forms bulk of the tooth.
  3. Cementum - Hard tissue which is similar to bone but is avascular (without blood supply). Hardness value is similar to bone - 50-55 KHN.

The soft tissue of the tooth is pulp, which is highly vascular and essentially comprises fibroblasts, collagen fibres, blood capillaries and nerves.

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Q: What are teeth made of?
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Teeth are made of keratin. So are hooves horns and fingernails.

Are teeth made up of cells?

Yes, teeth are made of cells.

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Your teeth are made of Enamel, Dentin, Pulp and Cementum.

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Are chicken bones made of the same things as teeth?

No. Teeth are made of dentin, dental pulp and enamel. Bones are made of calcium. Teeth are not the same as bones.

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Teeth are made of calcium, phosphorus and oxygen as a compound calium phosphate.

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no turtles have teeth. they have a beak that is made out of keratin, which is what our fingernails are made out of

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