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What are the 2 forms of democracy?

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democratic and republic are the two forms of democracy.

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Forms of democracy?

there are 2 forms of democracy-direct and indirect\

What are 2 forms of democracy?

The two types of Democracy are : Representative democracy and direct democracy

What are two forms of city government?

The two forms of government are:1)Democracy 2)Dictatorship

What Are 5 Forms of Government?

The three forms of Government that I know of are1. Anarchy2. Monarchy3. Communism4. Democracy5.?

What are two forms of autocratic government?

The forms of government are aligarchy and democracy

What are the 3 forms of government?

There are three basic forms of government. These include autocracy, democracy, as well as oligarchy. The United States government is a democracy.

Different forms of democracy?

There are a handful of different kinds of democracies in the world. One form of democracy that is popular is direct democracy.

Two forms of democracy are?

Direct and Indirect

How many forms of democracy are there?

i think 9

What is democology?

The study of new forms of democracy

What are the two forms of democracy?

direct and indirect!

After world war 2 what two forms of government began to experience conflict?

Nova Net Answer---communism & democracy

What are the most modern examples of democracy?

The United States is the one of the most modern forms of democracy.

Name two forms of autocratic government?

the two forms of autocratiz are aligarchy and democracy

What are some forms of government?

Democracy, Monarchy, Communist, Oligarchy, and Dictatorship are forms of government.

What two forms of government began to experience mutual tension and hostility following world war 2?

Democracy and communism

What was Ireland's past government forms?

parliamentary democracy

What is a direct democaracy?

Direct Democracy is a democracy that the people make the decisions about policy and initiative directly by voting. There are two basic forms of direct democracy that this is participatory or deliberative democracy.

What are the 3 different forms of government?

The three main forms of government are:DemocracyMonarchyDictatorship

What were the earliest forms of democracy?

The first known example of democracy was in Ancient Athens, where they had a direct democracy where instead of electing representatives the people represented themselves.

What are the three forms of classical government?

Monarchy, Democracy, Communism.

What are the four forms of Nationalism?


Three examples of forms of government are?

monarchy, democracy, and dictatorship.

What are the two forms of democracy and describe what happens in each?


What are some limited forms of government?

Limited forms of government include:democracyrepublicconstitutional monarchy