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Rocky planets and gaseous planets.

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What Are the kinds of planets?

there are many types of planets some are exoplanets dwarf planets and inside planets and outside planets.

What kinds of robots are in space?

Many kinds. their are Lander that crash into planets, orbiters orbit planets, rovers move and study the planet, and deep space probe fly away to study the Universe.

How are the inner planets and the outer planets different and alike?

the inner planets are made of rock, ice and other materials while the outer planets are made of different kinds of gases except for pluto.

What is another kinds of natural science?

Astronomy, Glaciology, exo-planets.

What are the giant planets made up largely of?

They are mostly different kinds of gas.

What is the importance of galaxie?

it give us the info about the differnt info about planets and kinds of it

What are the different kinds of solar system?

"solar system" is the term used to describe planets orbiting a star. We know that planets also orbit binary and tertiary star systems, these would be different kinds of solar systems.

What are the 2 kinds of database?

what are the 2 kinds of database

What are the 2 other name of inner planets?

Terrestrial Planets, and Rocky Planets

What are the 2 large groups of planets?

they are the inner and outer planets

What are the different kinds of planets in your solar system?

im asking them . im not really good at science

What kinds of planet are Earth and Mars?

Earth and Mars, along with Mercury and Venus, are rocky planets.

The 8 kinds of planet?

I never saw a classification that divides planets in eight different kinds. If such a system exists, it isn't something that is commonly used in Astronomy.

What are the 2 kinds ao a news paper?

what are the 2 kinds of a news paper

What are two kinds of planets in your solar system?

One categorization separates the planets into the inner and the outer planets. The inner planets being Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars; while the Outer Planets being Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The outer and inner Planets are separated by the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Another categorization that can be made involves separating the planets into terrestrial planets, which have a surface of solid ground, and gaseous planets, which have surfaces of gas. The inner planets are terrestrial, while the outer planets are gaseous.

What are 2 types of planets?

terrestrial or 'rocky' planets gas giants

How many gas planets are there?

In our Solar System, there a four gas planets. To be factually correct, there are only 2 gas planets - Jupiter and Saturn. and 2 ice planets - Uranus and Neptune. Combined, they a colloquially known as the Gas giants or Jovian planets.

How many giant planets are in the solar system?

All the planets are big planets but, the 2 that are the biggest is Jupiter and Saturn

What are the 2 kinds of roots?

what are the 2main kinds of roots

What are the 2 kinds of measurement?

the 2 kinds of mesurement are english-metric & metric-english

Which 2 planets are closest to the sun?

Mercury and Venus are the two closest planets.

How many dwaft planets are in your solarsystem?

there are 2 darft planets in the solar systems

What are the 2 kinds of pollination?

there are several kinds of polination 2 of them are: 1. self-pollination 2. cros-pollination

What 2 factors did Isaac Newton think kept the planets in orbit?

1) A force of attraction(gravity) between the planets and theSun. 2) The inertia of the planets, due to their ownvelocities.

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